3 thoughts on “NHK Documentary – Islamic State: Behind the Front Lines”

  1. Wonder how long it took the cowardly suicide bombers to figure out they hadn't went to heavan instead being in hell getting bum'd off satan himself while stalin fucks them in the mouth! Lmfao dumb fuckers thinking they'll go to paradise while "72 beautiful virgins" await them hahaha. They are virgins for a reason cause they are ugly as sin pmsl. Deluded creeps.

  2. Kinda stupid how they keep fighting each other, when they were all born with the same level of their muzzie belief in their blood…
    no such thing as god, and those 21 virgins are all big white guys called bubba, and they cannot wait for you to arrive and give you dumb fucks as much sex as you desire, but the problem is he wants it his way, ON HIS TERMS! quaran forgot to tell you that bit hey Bahahahahah!!!!
    but hey, at the end of the day, a roots a root!

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