*Nobel Prize Winner Harold Kroto* gives Youtuber Pat Condell a shout-out at Beyond Belief 2007. (This happens during the last few minutes of the video.

Pat Condell’s channel can be found here:

The entire Beyond Belief 07 series can be found here:

Harold Kroto’s autobiography:

I first heard about this from Youtuber JediHowie

18 thoughts on “Nobel prize winner gives Pat Condell a shoutout (at 3:00)”

  1. I am a democratic socialist and I rub shoulders with Pat Condell for a long way> He not only is not right wing, but what he says is What I say that fascism is fascism wether its European fascism or the Dangerous monotheistic fascism of Islam .

  2. Every second of every day billions of plants like tomatoes lose their lives so that a human might live. Stop the senseless slaughter of tomatoes, Paddy! When will you speak for the downtrodden lettuce? Who does not shudder with horror at the sound of a celery being crushed by a human's mouth? For the love of God, Paddy, speak out against this insane genocide.

  3. Pat, in this portion of vedio that was played, you said, quote, "The good part of "Christianity is that the inquistion is over". end of quote. Constantine was a pagan that converted to Christianity bring with him his pagan rituals and customs, and here is were the Catholic Church was born!. The Inquisition took place in the name of "Christianity" but in reality it should have been "Paganism". The Catholic has done atrocities, kill millions of people in the name of Christianity. TRUE CHRISTIANITY DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE!. Jesus is a GOD of love!! His word tells us to LOVE our neighbor as our selves, and to LOVE our enemies! It will be the Catholic Church that will end up persecuting the Christian Church. Keep an eye on the Pope, look at what direction he is now taking, menapulating world leaders. THIS NOT CHRISTIANITY! This evil and Satanic.

  4. Inquisition about religious or non religious beliefs is never good and it contradicts freedom and, as much as I don't agree with religions (though believing in the logical existence of one creator), I hope that it's never going to be used and implemented by non believers either, I mean used against people believing in a given religion… This applies to any religion, Islam included, no matter I may dislike many features of it (not all..). Atheism has to stay close to agnosticism and it should logically make sense only that way, because the inexistence of God can only come from a lack of proofs of His existence, it can't come from proofs of His inexistence. There are no proofs of either things. Hardcore Atheism, the one wanting to positive state the inexistence of God, is just anoher form of religion, in the sense of a dogma, it's dogmatic, thus it's authoritarian and it bears in itself the danger of dogmatic inquisitions against others not agreeing with it. Let's avoid that to happen, because we are close to it and that's not such a smaller danger than the Islamic invasion bringing in its backwards mentality and linked traditions. It might actually be a worse danger. In fact, radical Islam would harmfully take us back in time and destroy part of Western culture, but I doubt it would last long and hold on strong, because thanks to our history we already have the anticorps to fight that back to large extent and because Muslims too are attracted to Western model of society and freedom (we see that…), at least until it did not start to spin downwards mainly due to financial system flaws.  The rests and memory of that freedom and option is by now engraved also in the Muslims' mind and society and it would shine a lot more once it's disappeared from reality and from our options, so that humanity would quickly prefer to get back to it in large part, rather than abide by Sharia or some lighter Islamic rules. It's all just a matter of historic circles and balance fluctuations, the world looking for a new balance.  Instead, widespread dogmatic Atheism discriminating against all religious people might be harder to fight back and might be a longer lasting problem: it's never happened in the past, thus we don't have the anticorps….

  5. If there was a Nobel prize for common sense then Pat Condell should be up on the stage with Harold Kroto, for all his videos pointing out the follies of popular religious superstition, which was fading, but has seen a resurgence for various reasons in recent times in the West.
    The last thing we need is another brand of imported religion to infect our minds.
    Its time to halt any religious practice that interferes with the previous humanitarian and humane practices of Britain and Europe as well as stop the teaching or encouragement of religious superstition in schools. It belongs in the past.

  6. Why is he quoting the Mormons from the past fifties?
    The Mormons?????
    That wacky, loony, invented and made-up sect, with their choirs and their whole gimmick-thingamajigs?????
    What's he trying to prove?
    And what have Christianity and Judaism got to do, with wacky Mormons???

  7. There is a valid observation by Pat here. Islam reflects its desert origin more poignantly 
    than the other two – barren and miserable. As always, Pat is right.

  8. I love pat too and love his Islam videos. He should do his homework on the inquisition though they recently opened the files in Spain and scholars are beginning to write critically about it with all the information and about 90% of what people believe about it is just plain false.

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