Obama Martial Law Before Election or Trump Saves America? – Prophecy 2016

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2016 PROPHECY: Obama Imposing Martial Law

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30 thoughts on “Obama Martial Law Before Election or Trump Saves America? Prophecy 2016”

  1. Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. “All this I will give You, he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.” “Away from me, Satan!” Jesus declared. “For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”…
    Either Jesus lied, or they are, and we all know that the Word is Always True!

  2. religion is a bad thing because people are bad and thy think thy can make a buck and thy hijack the religion and say we need money to make jihad on the infidel and then money comes up missing

  3. Since you are making a claim that "God" exists, I'm sure you have EVIDENCE that it exists. Please provide me with such evidence. *evidence, not argument!

  4. The Elections are over. Dems were trounced and made to look stupid. But with hindsight, just listen to the hogwash by Obama – it just shows how naive he is and had no idea that
    the American people believed in Donald Trump and his bagful of goodies e.g. jobs, jobs, jobs etc. Obama, Hillary…….time to go to jail. Enough of your nonsense,

  5. Happy birthday enki siruis lucifer trump god fallen cherub the darkest day of the year 25th deceiver day 2016 yours truly moonday sabbith day teacher lionheart

  6. My american people what trump god and obama and clinton wants jobs jobs jobs your all being played just like puppet fools because you are all slaves slaves slaves so you people really want this sick insane evil money perimid system or do you finnally wish to be set free and learn how to play again and be happy because every single soul in this realm is nothing more then a slave slave slave your alll so misrable and unhappy and you don,t even know it slaves yours truly one who is fighting to set you all free love lionheart

  7. I don't see this prophesy coming to past about the tsunami, since people were swimming on the beach in her dream.  It's winter now, and the inauguration is in Jan.

  8. My american people as you can now see from all my posts on this site that enki sirius lucifer trump god this fallen cherub took the bait and selected himself and was not elected but selected and put in office by me so I could finish him and put a end to him and his 70 generations of war pain and suffering your votes never ever counted and they never have for a very long time this entire election is fixed by the luciferian elite by checkmate stalemated and as you all can see I checkmated him all all the evidence is right hear on this siite with all my posts that he used and took and selected himself checkmated people its now time for all americans to turn your flags upside down with a white flag flying along side it serrendering this nation to the lord of the uiniverse and end this evil luciferian goverment this serve yourself do as they willl every man for hinself system that causes all americans to be unhappy and misrable because happyness does not come by serving yourself people it comes to people who serve eachother freely and fairly without haveing a money system at all and its true this world nolonger needs this sick evil money system and its now time for banks and bankers to stop counting this sickevil money and start counting products and services and banks and bankers can now be the new heavenly goverment as advokites to each citizen wear everyone will be asigned a id card with a chip on the card and a protected wallet no mark of the beast besides if anyone ever had any computer science you would all understand that last thing in the world this world needs is for a beast high technoligy to overtake humantiy and destroy humanity and the world the world needs to keep this beast locked up forever and its now time that this nation learn how to play again by serving eachother freely and fairly and yes my family is a gold star family after all it was my great great grandfather who forced genral lee to serrender and it was my uncule who was genreal pattins tank driver and it was my father who fought in the koren war in air force and it was my father who pulled off a tripple 7 with 7 kids and 7 grand kids and 7 great grand kids and now my father at 86 had a stroke from this election and i sure it waa because i may have given him to much info and he had the stroke and is now a vegtable and soon coming home to die with his family thats if they don,t take the family home away because of taxes after the home has been in the family since 1962 since my birth and has been paid for more then a dozen times and now they want to take it because of taxes my new system requirs no more taxes or insurances and if put into play nobodys lifestles would change rather people could finnaly learn to play again 70 generations of war death pain and suffering is enough evil that has depressed everyone so time to remove this monster trump god obama clinton and all the rest of the traitors none of these hell empire will be allowed to rule over humanity anymore rather if they countinue time to drop a nuke down into hell empire and put a end to them anyone of any good reciepes for snake or turtle soup or reptilian barbique the food and water is so poisioned I wish to change my diet after all they have been eating are children for a very long time its only fair that we all learn how to eat them so lets hear the receipes for cooking up snake and reptilians and lets start eating all there children and put them all on the spike anyways all the info to prove trump god was selected by himself is right hear on this site he took the bait and its now game over for him your all very welcome yours truly one of the lords many chosen lionheart

  9. And you can thank your sons, daughters, neighbors, mothers, fathers and anybody else that voted for Trump. And if he really was this 'savior' you and everthing you THINK he is, there is no way possible way he would or could sit by idly as the country goes to hell in a handbasket.

  10. You can keep gunning for your Obama conspiracy theories, and keep blowing your 'TRUMP SAVES THE USA' all you want. No, Obama's reign was not flawless. Yes, his only real feat was being in office when bin ladden was killed. But get off this back. Trump is NOT the hero you think he is. He will be the one to usher the antichrist in. What you should be worried about is Christ's return, and IF, yes, I s.a.i.d IF you'll be among the ones going, and you'll pray for those that aren't, because they'll need it.

  11. all the people thinking god is real and that he will save you are fucking dumb if he was real why would he save man kind after all man kind has done.

  12. omg i had a dream of marital law not getting into it but it was caused by nuclear weapon hitting north Africa

  13. Obama isn't gonna call martial law, think about it, we americans fight back as well we have made many American veterans out of all these wars and veterans will rise up, teach groups of civilians to defend against all terror, foreign and DOMESTIC so no1 in America is going to call martial law, it would be a disaster and even Obama wouldn't do that or some1 would convince him otherwise I am sure of it. you americans are so full of fear, straighten up americans and get some act right, you sound not so smart

  14. Nov. 24, 2016. We have pres. elect Trump, prophecies continue to fail 100% of the time. You go on about how horrible it is that these self-proclaimed "prophets" make video after video, yet you give credence to this Dr. Patricia Green (well start making fun of her). Furthermore I'd like to know where you got the information about all these people dying mysteriously around Clinton, you mention 30 or more. Let's see your documentation showing it's been 30 or more.

  15. She may be right, I may be crazy
    But it just may be a lunatic she looking for, turn out the light
    don't try to save me, she may be wrong for all I know but she may be right…She was right about the rapture the first time, the only problem is, no one was missing..And we all knows what that means..

  16. Mr President Trump i agree trying to hurt ms clinton is not in the best intrest of are nation having hate and anger for people like this who hate the real true creator and instead she worships lucifer the god of this world and going after her is just wrong I belive she and many others who come from hell sufffer badly enough and going after the clintons because of humanits hatred and anger will not serve this nation rather instead we should all thank her for showing this world what hell is truly like and belive me they in hell have another chance to reform and rehab themselvs and remove there own pridefull wrong doing to reform hell empire and that fact that she noes she is going to hell is enough punishment and because of all the things she has done showing that god and heaven and hell is very real and that should be enough as for lucifer the god of this world every soul he takes into his hell empire is only going to make it far harder for these wicked evil souls to reform and rehab this hell empire so leiveing her and her larg family alone is the right thing to do rember sir love conqours all peoples and after 70 generations of war its best to leive her and all obamas alone and let them have the chance to reform hell and servive their inprisiment so that one day in the future this evil hell will change and allow them to rehab their insane minds with love and laws so that this war in heaven ends in time love and time allways wins so lets leive the evil insane sick people alone and allow themselvs to heal this evil hell on there own terms they don,t know it but the real true creator and his father and all the universe have been preying for centurys that one day they could finnally turn from all there wicked ways and end all this sin forever more in time with love and mercy even for all the souls in hell who do suffer greatly and maybee in time they will finnally understand that the real true creator and his father have no hatred for these evil suffering souls his hatred are the sins that they committed thats what the true creator hates is the sins they committed not them truth is the lord allmighty still loves these souls and preys that someday in time they will all reform there insane sick minds back to understanding what they all ended up in hell and when all the universe sees this hell empire finnally reformed and rehab they entire universe will celabrate there success in there reform and rehab and understand why the lord has these laws and why the ten commandments are the only thing that works for all the universe so lets leive her alone and continue to prey they reform themselvs as humanity itself also heals itself from all this wicked evil both humanity and hell and all souls in this realm finnally understand why the lord and father have these ten laws without these laws there would not be a universe at all to live in so give this hell empire a chance to reform and heal themselvs over time so that someday in time they too can come back into the light and join this entire universe truth is because of what the clintons have done to are nation and world is a message of love mercy and healing for all the universe including this hell empire so lets give them a chance to finnally see the true light of truth and allow this hell empire to change and heal itself over time all on there own humanity has learned a great deal from them on what not to do and allow them to be left alone after all what good would it do to go after them because of are hatred and anger towards all this evil let them learn to change all on there own but that does not mean that all this evil like this pedfile inland must now be closed down humanity has enough to do just to heal from all this evil hell on earth so lets leive the clintons alone and let them find somewar for these evil souls to find a way to heal themselvs so that someday they understand the lords wisdom in his ten laws also s mr trump i demand all horned stars be turned upright and my northstars hockey team to be returned back to my are northstar state to guide this states team spirit and its bleassing returned to are nothstar state without them you have no chance a leading this nation without my states northstar blessing returned and return this state northstar for leading this entire nation into reason and love and mercy and end this evil conflict with so many lost souls and rember the more souls lucifer takes into his hell empire that harder is going to be for all souls in hell empire to servive and reform yours truly lionheart

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