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Dismantling Europe – Merkel & Her Migrants

Katie Hopkins On Muslim Biased BBC

The Truth About Sweden, Angry foreigner

Pat Condell Example 2017, Feed A Pig, It’ll Still Crap On Your Floor.

Ex Muslim girl explains why Muslims are ”allergic ” to christians

Katie Hopkins – Why Do Muslims Leave For Christian Lands?

Paul Joseph Watson- Europeans Rejecting Muslims In Massive Numbers

Geert Wilders- Islam Can’t Fool The Free World

InfoWars- The Truth About Trump’s Muslim Ban

Covert Harassment/Stalking & Targeting

A glimpse into a seven year campaign of threats, harassment, Child Abuse, Stalking & Violence against a Learned Disabled Child & family in Northern Ireland, where institutions in place to protect him, ignored him as is documented throughout this channel.

Mirrored as common sense & truth is often censored to protect corrupt agendas.

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19 thoughts on “Pat condell- A Special Kind Of Hate”

  1. The stupidity is in not realizing the decisions required to rule. To keep balance with nature war is required. I guess it will take either a virus, or the bloodiest war man has ever known before man realizes that life, should in fact, be quality over quantity. And how has this been hid, with religion. Instead of creating a culture which accepts the necessity of the cycle, and more importantly, the reason why war is necessary, senseless killing will always reign. And yes, as much as you would like to avoid it, creativity, intelligent, as well as the many other aspects of a fruitful society, matters far more than the ideology of all life is precious. Heaven and hell is decided by us, for where else is our energy going to go but back to the womb? Obviously we have created hell, and left heaven to our delusional exploration. Understanding and wisdom for the balance is the foundation of how heaven and hell cycle. Enjoy the return, as it it is your god or lack there of that has created your hell. Hail to the Pagans who know the difference.

  2. lets not forget the origin of religion and the irony that has spawned from its reality. hail to the multi-cultural Pharisee and the Second Temple.

  3. The World has gone Mad, indeed. A sign of the Last Days, Where even Brethren rise against Brethren… An Increase in Wickedness. God Bless & Protect U, dear Mr. Pat Condell: A Lone (brave) Voice in The Wilderness

  4. I have always had a heart for Jews (not being one) and have, in the last 10 years, noticed a marked hatred against them. I've no idea why this is but I think I'd give my life for them (as a people).

    I agree with you in that it doesn't seem as though too many people care… It's gotten so, I'm not even sure if many of the Jewish people in America Jeanne any real clue who is, and who is not, their enemy (declared or otherwise).

    That started, I am only one person. When it finally hits the fan (given even the plethora of verbal attacks I often read just on YouTube) who will stand with them?

    Not many, I fear. 😔

  5. good but fickle message from Condell himself still attacking religion in general making no distictions ..with his own brand of hate that can be superimposed without straing himself..onto Islamic anti Judaism .
    one moment Pat seems to be less of a radical atheist then swings like a pendulum back to his mocking all religion stance?

  6. I won't stand by while you slander nazis by comparing them to muslims. At least the nazis had honor. At least they respected their enemies, and tried to abide by some type of rules of war. Nazism is an evil ideology, but the germans were not evil sociopaths and psychopaths (not all of them, but all it takes is a few at the top of the power pyramid). 99% of muslims are sociopaths/psychopaths.

  7. Not sure if i'm jewish (my dad's dad was a jew adopted by a german family circa ww2), but i'm sure i love and admire jews, and i really appreciate this.

    Live long and prosper!

  8. no offence, but surely pat, in the spirit of even handedness, it cant just be jews 0 muslims 10 every time. get a grip man. just remember this. how come our country (together with the rest of the west) owes trillions and trillions, whilst israels debt is zero?
    please realise your followers expect balance, its what you preach after all.

  9. Muhammad was born in Petra, Jordan, not Mecca, Arabia. For one hundred years after the pedophile warlord died, all mosques and qiblas pointed to Petra. For the next hundred years there was confusion. Some pointed to Petra and some pointed to Mecca, and some pointed somewhere in between to hedge their bets. It's all a stinking pile of horse apples.

  10. The only possible consolation to Muslim madness is that Islam is a fantasy religion, so Muslims have neither a god nor a heaven in fact. Neither Allah nor Muhammad had anything to do with the Qur'an, which was written long after the warlord died, during the Arab civil war between the Umayyids and Sassanids, both of which groups wanted divine justification for their cause. Ironically, Arab Jewish scholars helped write the Qur'an, and a lot of it was borrowed from the Gnostic Gospels, which are considered to be heresy by Christianity.

  11. the Koran says ::: in 5: 51 Moslems:: do not take Christians & Jews as friends.
    in 98:6 Jews and Christians will abide in hell.
    Notice it does not say only sinful Jews and Christians,, just all , good and bad.
    Now how can any sane person think we in the USA or Europe, of any belief except Islam, can integrate with unfriendly people?

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