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27 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Britain Is A Riot”

  1. Could not put it better myself Pat spoton as usual, Maybe in the next 20 years this government might put its own people first for a change?

  2. Only solution for a country to stay blessed and in right mind is to embrace true faith christianity…and turn from evil ways and believeing in christ.

  3. Simple solution. Remove the teat of govt welfare for immigrants completely. No immigrants need govt welfare. Govt welfare is for citizens who paid into it not immigrants fresh off the boat even rich ones.

    P.S. I am not even british.

  4. This guy is full of his own self importance most police are on steroids Corrupt and there for pension what a total load of brain numbing crap by this old imbecile

  5. Australia is heading the same way Pat; in fact I think we're probably already there. One of our stupid pollies said that the Somalian migrants don't understand that stealing and bashing people is wrong.

  6. I wish people wouldn't put videos up without also putting up the date when it came out originally. Because it makes it look like it's current news. This is from 2011, and hardly current. Plus I doubt Pat authorised the use of his video.

  7. Merkel hasn’t even phoned the victims of the Christmas market terrorist attack last year. Why? You gotta ask why not??

  8. you are too PC in your rant. i didn’t know normal Brits were rioting. Afraid to call a horse a horse?

  9. The police must be reminded for whom they work. They derive power from the citizenry without which they are an armed (or unarmed) gang.

  10. Pat instead of gas bagging the same old narrative on YouTube Videos, How about you and your anglo saxon mates actually do something about it. You cant expect to get any help from the Government or the Police and you certainly wont get any help from the Bourgeoisie in your society. It's up to you and others like minded to do something. Other wise 5 years from now you will still be gas bagging the same old stuff. Action speaks louder than words!!

  11. Pat Cobdell, are you ever surprised that so many people watch your videos? That's how desperate we are. we go to the internet to watch you. your the best person who explains this evil insanity…. keep up the good work

  12. if, I were a drug dealer in London, I'd place a quarter pound of kill bud, bounty, on mozluomz, to be collected in person, upon delivery of the dead

  13. If you live in England move to Poland. England is gone. The 3rd world immigrants in England are having a population explosion. Their average birth rate per couple is 4. Some men who have four wives can have up to 16 children. British people only have 1.5 children per couple. This is not even at replacement rate for western British caucasians. The numbers do not lie. Get out of England while you still can.

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