Pat Condell, a totally eloquent speaking free speech hero, has made brilliant, thoughtprovoking videos in his life. He also gives expert advice, for instance about how to annoy progressives to their very core. I love this excellent Pat Condell speech, it is soooo true and soooo well put. You are going to love this video.

Here is a link to the longer version of this Pat Condell speech:

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12 thoughts on “Pat Condell explains how to annoy progressives!”

  1. This Cultural Marxism/Post Modernism in the schools and universities is madness. To openly state that reason and logic is of no value and is, indeed, a tool that the white man uses to stifle other races is insane. This is the rationale (liberal-logic/truly nothing rational about it) behind shutting down freedom of speech on the campuses and elsewhere.
    A good deal of this madness stems from the Frankfort School. Critical Theory was what they used to erroneously destroy the reputations and lives of any who thought for themselves and did not succumb to their school of thought. In Critical Theory, you relentlessly attack the reputations and character of those who think for themselves. It does not matter that you are hurling lies. You just continue to attack in the hope that some of the slander will stick. You also attack people whom the free-thinking person loves. You destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!
    If you are successful, you have won without the need of a reasoned and sound argument. You must do this because you do not have a reasoned and sound argument. The liberal-left doctrine is one of intimidation. Fear mongering and doing all you can to instill despair and panic into any and all who dare to question. Least we not forget the guilt they try to instill in people who have managed, through hard work and dedication, to make a decent life for themselves and the people they love. White guilt is the most inhumane and cruel method of attack I have witnessed. To try to convince an entire race of people that they have no voice and no rights because of this contrived white privilege is absolutely cruel and inhumane in every way. It is the personification of racism and bigotry.
    Do not allow these mentally dormant deadbeats to guilt you out of what you and your loved-ones have earned!
    God bless free thinkers and long live freedom of speech!

  2. The Jewish Zionist Talmudic Masonic paedophilic cult use the radicalized Muslim Koranic paedophilic cult as their broom to sweep across Europe and other western nations to destroy countries. This tactic has been used in history before by these cult societies but they have created the U.N. to assist them in this endeavor. Why is it that Israel gets to ban all these migrants which they radicalized in the first place by planting crypto jews as radicalized Muslim leaders. Israel is a racist nation. It is even kicking out it's black jews now as they despise black people. The only people they care about is themselves. Unfortunately they have usurped so much political power world wide now that their cult members are only too happy to go along with the destroying the entire planet to hasten in their messiah, who supposedly will save only them of course. Of course they have the apocalyptic Christian cult only too happy to sit back and let it happen as this is "ordained". Shakespeare was right when he said All the world's a stage. The only problem is, is that most of the audience and actors actually think the play is real, while really it's a set up. The card now being played is white goyem genocide. Time to exit this theater before it's too late.

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