14 thoughts on “Pat Condell How To Insult A regressive”

  1. Yes! Briliant piece, Pat. Especially with regard to 3rd wave feminists. To try to persuade a feminist of the left is like trying to hypnotize a chicken. One gets the clucking and the flapping and the squawking, but behind those little red left-wing eyes there are no coherent ideas with which one can engage, neither is there a rational mind with which one can reason. So provocation and ridicule are best entertainment.

  2. He's not talking about Progressives the way I think of them. He's talking about super left wing Liberals. That is NOT the same thing. At least not the way I would define them.

  3. Pat speaks out the truth, even it is unkomfortable and unpleasant.
    It is wrong to invite islamic people from eastern countries which
    are retarded, backward , totalitarian, violent, intolerant,
    This is causing Europe nothing but trouble,
    these kind of people are not able to integrate in an modern society,,
    The kultural differences are to big.
    They are opposing any progress.

  4. I dont watch ur videos that dont have anti islamic titles. THAT IS YOUR FORTE. Stick to that. People absolutely love them.

  5. Well I'm a Christian and one of the reasons I became one is because it actually does coincide with reality. I just found your videos and have listened to a few so far and subscribed. Smart AND funny! Good job

  6. They don't get it Pat…. They're too stupid…..the only way they'll learn is to make them suffer what they desire!!!

  7. I consider myself Progressive.
    Are all societies great? NO! If you're practicing Female-Circumcision, your culture is HORRIBLE and needs to grow up.
    Islam, like most religions is something we've outgrown, and is causing problems rather than helping us progress.
    Can black people be bigots? YES !!
    So who exactly is Pat attacking ?

  8. It's very strange, this, I'm left-wing, always have been, though not 'progressive', but I don't feel spoken to whatsoever. What I do notice is that you don't seem to have a view on the upcoming election. Might that be because 'conservative' Mrs. May is not entirely convincing with her 'strong and stable' mantra?

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