Pat Condell The Islamic Invasion Of Europe

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  1. The Austailian offshore holding camps are more or less prisons without trial….I also think ISLAM is unworthy for humanity .
    I am angry that the Quran and haddith include many calls for muslims to murder me and most of you too.
    Living under a death sentence however remote the likelihood so far is unsettling and in some way diminishes the quiet enjoyment of my life.
    Death threats including written ones are illegal and I would join a class action to get all such threats and incitements to acts of violence removed from islams holy books.
    On the other hand I do believe in free movement and see a very strong causal link between USA/UK aggressive foriegn policy sewing only chaos. cowardly dronestrikes killing inocent peoplefor example.
    I also am sure 9/11 was an inside job,the terror threat is exagerated,oil is the western motive,perpetual warfare is NWO policy, much of our invasions and regime changes are illegal…and counter intuitively ISIS is funded and armed by our governments.
    Yes we can sue ISLAM but yes we can bring about peace in the middle east because we brought war.
    Refugees really are fleeing our warzones.

  2. You're 100% right on everything. We all know the EU is BS.
    Trump can build a big wall 25m high, but we can't do the same.
    How do you insure thousands of tiny islands of Greece, some of which are just 4 km off the coast of Turkey. Do you build a fence around them? NO! The solution is to have a military ship patroling the islands that will shoot any and all invaders.
    But No, we're too pussy for that. Too civilised for our own good.
    I live in what was once an exemplary town for young families with children here in Germany and in 4 years its crime has gone up by 80% especially horrific crime like gang rape. We had 2 instances of that happening here with girls as young as 13 RAPED.
    Words cannot describe the anger I feel to Merkel, the EU or Greece, or the governing garniture here in Germany. They are all stupid and evil.
    You might want to check out Paul Joseph Watson's video on Some Cultures are Better Than Others. Because OUR culture is better, and we all know it. Why do we have to keep denigrating ourselves to the level of people who cannot understand the "technology" of a garbage can, a toilet, or utensils.
    I've even heard talk about all of us moving to Greenland because there are no muslims there. But seriously, you want to live in Greenland? I know someone who actually visited Greenland and he said it was horrible. The native people just throw all their garbage out the window and when you have summer for about 3 days the stench is unbelievable.
    NO! We're staying right here. Our ancestors have been here for the last 400,000 years. We will NOT capitulate. I will NOT cut my long blonde hair for THEM. EVER!
    And unlike the recomendations of the German Police, I will NOT cut it, dye it a different colour or stuff it in a beret!
    My girlfriend has even stated that should they ever come to power, and force her to wear a black bag on her head, she will commit suicide. Of course I told her to hold off on that thought. There's always Greenland, and with global warming it might actually be a nice place to live.
    What I propose is the most cost-effective solution to the migrant crisis. STOP PAYING THEM. Why do you think they don't go to the Czech Republic? Simple, because over there they get NOTHING. Here, they get 800 Euros a month, plus free food, housing, heat, clothing, internet, everything. Who ever said we have to support this degenerate class. Before they came we had 2.2 million Germans unemployed. So if Germany can't find jobs for 2.2 million of its own people how does it expect to find jobs for THEM? When they can't even speak German? Oh, I forgot, they're all doctors and nuclear physicists. Yeah, nuclear physicists for whom the use of a toilet is too psychologically and technologically challenging. I know, we shouldn't be "insulting" them by forcing OUR cultural values, like the use of a toilet, or garbage can, or utensils upon them.
    Unlike most people, I've actually been to the middle east, and it's not like any kind of reverse cultural cohesion has come out of it. It's not like I'll be sleeping on a dirt floor on a mat anytime soon. Most people imagine the Sahara desert as being sand like Seaside Heights, but actually it's more like construction rubble from a demolition. My Czech coleague kept repeating that he was grateful that he wasn't born in a place as horrible as Egypt. I agree. It's all disgusting, all of the middle east. And now they want to import this disgusting culture HERE?

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