I totally agree with Pat Condell that Saudi Arabia is a sick country where minorities don’t have rights and they want to bring the whole world by financing terrorists who want to restore a second Islamic Empire on Earth. If any Muslim is offended on my comments, I don’t give a crap about you. I don’t orders from my enemies like Liberals do.

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26 thoughts on “Pat Condell: The madness of Saudi Arabia”

  1. im gay and i dont think your a homophobe your just stating facts i know many moslims that have sex with men fucking hypocrites

  2. Hemp will replace oil as a renewable resource and break the Saudi stranglehold they've had on the west for the last 50 + years.

  3. There are two means of birth control in Saudi Arabia: if you are too young to get married, then there are boys. So long as you are the perp, only the boy is the sinner, to those warped by Islam. Then there is marriage to prepubescent girls.

  4. i feel sad for this old discriminating hateful loser and every other racist they have so much hate and ignorance inside them .

    the correct response is not get low to their level because that would only make u a hateful racist f** like them

  5. You stand for the Sweden is honorable I must say. Jews are those who are behind the moslem INVASION , if you don't see it YOU are moron !!! The whole EU parliament is run by jew devils. Do you know that in EU parliament is one special 120 members ONLY jew parliament a control commission to destroy Europe. The jews control the immigration to England and whole europe. JEWS control the Suni moslem , because the so call Saudi Royal kingdom is F****g jewish to the core. Why is IsraHELL never been attack by ISIS or Egypt or any F***g moslem mules, because they control the mules. Only IDIOTS can't see that behind this moslem invasion is a jew. Queen Issabela of Spain throw the jews our of spain because they did same thing there in 1492. Why were jews thrown out of England and 109 countries in Europe for last 2000 years !!! Wake up MORON !!!!

  6. Pat for prime minister our leader against Islam I have your back sir from a former paratrooper .love your clips

  7. English shit come wash my ass go build ur country asswhole ur country live on saudi money we support u asswhol great britain lol

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