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13 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Transcend This”

  1. I enjoy listening to Condell even though he is an atheist and hates all faiths including my own. I can tolerate his sarcasm and mockery of Christians who mean him no harm and his labeling all of us mouth breathing kooks who defended lousy pedophile priests when nothing could be further from the truth. After all labeling everyone of an entire group is rather lame and prejudiced if I don't say. But I certainly enjoy hearing Condell rip into islam and its barbaric uncivilized followers. Hes quite funny in a nasty old grouchy uncle who you only see once a year kind of way?

  2. Love this video for it is the best explanation of religion God I love this video , dear god please save me from your followers especially those of the pedophile profit of Allah or Satan

  3. The great irony is Pat Condell, you have made several excellent videos that actually highlight the greatest evidences that the Bible is true (note; I did not say religion is true.) The greatest evidence for the voracity of the Bible has nothing to do with 'trancendance' it has to do with the Nation of Israel, you remember them, the tiny nation that alone gets the whole world telling it where it should have its capital. ISRAEL IS 1/1000 OF WORLD POPULATION, YET OVER 70% OF U.N.RESOLUTIONS ARE AGAINST AND ABOUT ISRAEL. I capitalized all that because it is astonishing……..I don;t go to Church, I share your dislike and distrust of industrial Christianity. But Bible prophecy concerning Israel is Unique…..they go back 3000+ years as a constituted entity they survived all world empires;Egypt, Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, Ottoman,the Third Reich, even the British Empire. This year of 2018 is the 70th anniversary of them being back on their Land as prophecied in the Bible……..So thats prophecy coming true right in front of our eyes…..So Pat, its hidden in plain sight………..The Truth of the Bible……

  4. Pat Condell, you, along with Kathy Holmes and Nigel Farage, are the most intelligent person talking politics on You Tube. Your intelligence and courage should be admired and praised. I have been following you for a while, and I couldn't agree more with everything you say. By God, yo nail it all down! What a pity that the stupified and pussyfied Western Europe and Scandinavia, don't have more men like you!

  5. Mr. Condell, this is the best anti-religion video you have done ( though all of them are superb). You are a true technician of the English language. Listening to concise, non-watery speech is a rare pleasure these days.
    Religion is a house of cards and they are all labeled "Get Out Of Jail Free" ( by sending them money, of course).

  6. Dude couldn't it be argued that the intuitive sense of morality we are all born with is precisely what is meant by transcendence?

  7. This guy is the zionist new tool being paid a hefty cheque to get support for furthering the agenda of the NWO. He's doing a great job for the greater Israel project in the middle East.

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