All credit to the voice of reason, Pat Condell.

http://see_the_truth.webs.com/ Pat Condell- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWOkEnBl5TO4SCLfSlosjgg Mirrored as common sense & truth is often censored to protect corrupt agendas.

11 thoughts on “Pat Condell- Welcome To Saudi Britain, Sharia Law”

  1. This is an old post I've seen it before. It refers to the labour gov. Unfortunately it's got even worse since under tbe tories. There must be some sickness that's catching.I suggest you look at the Liberty GB website and read up about the forthcoming show trial of Tim Burton, accused of religiously aggravated harrassment for jokingly sending a job application to tell mama, muslime grievance mongering organisation. Its truly shocking what they are prepared to do to appease muslimes and silence anyone trying to save our country in uk. We are definitely been frogmarched into an islamic Britain and muslimes and the authorities will destroy anyone who tries to stop it.

  2. I am not a UK citizen. I am here for a year on a scholarship. So here's my two bits: way to destroy your culture by adopting elements of a culture that is patently antagonistic to your own Britain!! This is oikophobia on a Swedish scale and trust me you don't want to become like Sweden.

  3. Ha! My friend worked in Saudi as a nurse…she had to come back to Australia as she had an enlarged liver- due to partying with the wealthy/ royal lads…no customs, the rich Saudis  just come through the airports with booze and drugs..the really rich royals fly drugs and booze in with their Russian prostitutes…the poor men buy perfume and drink that for the booze..

  4. Letterbox Ladies ha ! ha ! ha !, I used to call these poor women Darth Vaders, but not anymore !. Thank's again Pat. ps I can't find the petition link ?.

  5. Our law and government are unbelievably stupid to allow Shariah law into our Secular country. It is treasonable to replace our sovereign laws with those of another country and whose values are far below the morals of our own laws..
     Watch on You Tube :
    UNDERCOVER MOSQUE-THE RETURN if you want to know why Muslims hate us and are becoming radicalized.

  6. OMG! Im in Canada.. Its my worst fear that canada adopts Sharia like Britain has. so Basically if british law is now subject to Sharia then it seems that effectively British territories have now been absorbed into the Caliphate..

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