Muslims hates Jewish people.

29 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Why Do MUSLIMS Always Blame The JEWS.”

  1. you are so stupid and racist old fart man you dare talk about hate go watch hollwood and you know how much hate they bring in every show and movie just eat shit…

  2. Islam is an arrogant, intolerant, bigoted, male dominated, female subjugating, hate filled, violent, slave ideology! Islam does not associate, assimilate, or integrate into Western society, it wants to dominate! Islam destroys customs, cultures, and countries! It is cancer to civilized humanity!!

  3. ISLAM is RELIGION , CULT , IDEOLOGY , …..whatever but never was ethnicity YOU INBRED FUCKHEAD IDIOT death to white people and EuroFAGS .

  4. Hi Pat the stupid ACLU and the obama appointed judge have taken a stay oder,does it mean the muslim radicals can go to Syria and other Terror invested and isis / alquida controlled countries to train and fight against the countries they live and come freely ?This has to be opposed folks we need to go to court too to stop these radicals and criminals background cannot enter

  5. Muslims are still asking Jews when are your God coming but Jews have no answer their just kill lot of people in Syria,Lebanon,Palestinian thinking their do a favor for the Lord.

  6. Jews were in the better position to tell the truth to the muslim as their are neighbours but Jews killed God and ran to Amerca.Jews control every sector of powerful country USA.God loves them and have bless them their are the riches people on earth but their dont Know God Jesus.

  7. Could not agree more .You are a brave man and a hero of the western world .honesty is not popular or so they say .But I think it's a lot more popular than people have the guts to admit .keep up the good work and long live the freedom to call a spade a spade pat .

  8. I suggest, seriously speaking, that you consult a psychiatrist. I am not a Muslim. I am a PAlestinian. We do exist, all over the world thanks to your occupation. Yes we do have corruption, and will still have so long as you still exist on our land and feeding on our anger (Just as the US played the Africans in America. I do suppose you know why mmany still struggle the aftermath.). Assuming that Jews contributed to the world more than any other race or religion is just absurd and an obvious call for a psychiatrist. In such, we all know that there are scientists and thinkers and builders from every religion and every culture and medicines existed way before religion (as in Abrahamic) did. Philosophy, music, food… we all have that. Technological contributions were from almost every nation too… so what exactly do you mean by more than Muslims? Why muslims in particular and what does this have to do with anything? I do not understand what you mean by using humans as shields… i haven't seen or witnessed anything like that… again a real need for check over hallucinations (are you on drugs?). IT is ok for you to run around calling them False and this and that and smear their reputation but no it is them with anti-semitism… OK! (again call DR.Phill plz) Anyone agreeing with this guy probably needs one too.

  9. agree with you 1000%.the problem is with Muslims alone.these scum would be brainwashed since childhood to believe Jews are their mortal enemies .Shame on muslims.long live Jews and israel

  10. Well, According to your comment, & Your Pat Condell, Christianity is not a religion. Only Judaism is true religion, isn't it??

  11. I agree wholeheartedly.

    How the hell they've had the fortitude to survive the curse in their history is beyond me.
    You're right in saying that muslims view any kind or concession, anything at all of compromise, as weakness. All primitives do.
    You're right in saying that Hamas is unspeakable foulness itself. No dialogue is possible with primitives, you know that, the only thing that keeps them at bay is superior violence. They forcibly drag down to their level because they are simply unable to rise to that of their opponent, and it is they who drive the agenda, so no respite is possible.

    Look at what their predecessor, the PLO did to Lebanon, the only democratic and free country in Arabia major. It was a jewel the Palestinians invaded. Raping, murdering, pillaging, destroying all they saw, turning it into a wasteland. And it was the Israelis who took in and treated all those Lebanese casualties who made it out in more or less one piece. Mostly less.

  12. It's interesting that Nazi Europeans are telling muslims not to hate Jews. lol
    Antisemitism started in Europe, and Europeans are the only people who burned Jews in the oven, not muslims, not Chinese, not blacks, only Europeans burned Jews.
    So this Nazi guy in this video should take his FAKE "love" for Jews and shove it. Nobody buys his bullshit pretention.

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