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Pat Condell’s thoughts on the Geert Wilders Case

18 thoughts on “Pat Condell’s thoughts on the Geert Wilders Case”

  1. WOW are you running for any office??? Bravo to you and bravo to Uncle Nigel. I say whatever it takes get rid of political correctness. Look around you will see George Soros is in charge of ALL this. He is way Marxist and wants to change the whole world to his views and he wants to take over. Read on him his son is just as bad as he  wants to eliminate Christianaty.  He is paying big bucks to leaders of nations to win. He was furious his little Hillary lost to Donald Trump and so what does he do???? has his puppet Senate cause as much trouble as it can and with over 20 billion dollars he has proven he can buy a lot of people and he has. What he cant control he will destroy so he can control it. Dint believe me ….look him up follow his life and what he has done.Probably has shills in that court.

  2. Another Day in Ireland? Another Decade in Ireland more like! This clip is SEVEN YEARS OLD and refers to a series of trials that have long since been completed. Herr Wilders was found NOT GUILTY of inciting religous hatred and the court ruled that his statements although "gross and denigrating" and on the edge of legal acceptability, nevertheless came within the acceptable limits of public debate. Indeed the judge's conclusion was that the result of Wilders pronouncements had NOT given rise to hatred against Muslims. Translation: Not enough ordinary sensible people in the Netherlands believe in Wilders' bullshit enough for it to be a problem! ROFLMAO. Never mind Geert you'll always find boneheaded skinheads like Condell in London to make you a nice safe space.

  3. Wow….I was raised in a family where a female had little value. The crimes of the sons were overlooked and minumulized..Bob Cunliffe was a Muslim …and I just see him on the carpet. Because his sons got away with rape , abortion , denial of thier off spring , tax evasion, domestic violence, sale of drugs in an establishment….hummm sounds like a Muslim too me!

  4. Thank heavens for Pat Condell, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Viktor Orban and Presdient Donald Trump, without these courageous, passionate driven people, freedom and democracy would have been wiped out by the Globalist lefty loony federalist elites, and the stinking follwers of the so called "religion of peace" Many thanks also to all other people fighting to save our right to self determination, and our right to live in peace and harmony in our own democratic Countries we were born into, without being invaded by countless millions with no right whatsoever to gain access and steal precious resources they have no entitlement to. 
    Islam :- This so called "religion" is NOT A TRUE RELIGION :-   it is a tyrannical, violence-ridden, misogynistic, socio-political ideology, masquerading as a religion. It is totally incompatible with ALL civilised Westernised Countries. Moslems have one agenda and that is to take over every Country they invade and subjugate the host population to their vile, barbarian 7th century, primitive way of living. Many are also incapable of supporting themselves, largely as a direct consequence of inbreeding, which severely reduces their ability to that which is commonly described as "M o r a n" – They exist by parasiting off the welfare states of their victim host nations, bleeding them dry like a plague of Locusts. They are brainwashed and totally intolerant of all other living beings. Its time they were forcibly driven back to the destitute nations that them themselves hail from, and have destroyed, as a direct consequence of their unwillingness to change and move with the times. We do not want or need these savage, inbred backward barbarians.

  5. More Good News the UK just rejected 3000 so called Migrant Kids from France, also Islamic pedophiles are to be deported once they finish their long jail terms in the scandal that Rocked Rotherham, PAKISTANI Born men with young white girls all under 16, UK is set to become impossible for any more Muslim Migrations in the future, any family members who try to get family in through marriage will be rejected too, no course to public funds for any future migrants, even with visa and proper papers they cannot get money from Government.

  6. EU and politicians taking money and back handers from saudis and other states. you people make me sick, selling your country and allowing the islam to drip into the western world. corrupt fuckers.

  7. I lived in holland and saw it happen.geert wilders was laughed at 10 years ago .now is is europes only true politician

  8. Netherland never keeps laws…..illegal can be legal in seconds..
    Tho death and still the elite want to be rather denying and political cowardly "correct", as submit themselves to the constitutional laws!
    Mr. Condell….great. One or two speaches in our parlement: our politicians will "kill" him themselves….
    They want to keep they're nice and easy lives, only "very busy" when camera's are attound?
    Get a REAL job…..Dutch justice….shame

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