President Trump delivers remarks at the APEC CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

President Trump Speech at APEC Summit in Vietnam 11/10/17
President Donald Trump adresses the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Vietnam

11 thoughts on “President Trump FULL Speech in Vietnam @ APEC CEO Summit 2017”

  1. Finally, a real president and a real patriot, an excellent presentation to put the world on notice on how we now will conduct the business!

  2. So he gave a speech, citing some dates back in history where the far west and the far east first had trades, and recognizing almost every member of the APEC and it's achievements, with a very light script? Wow.
    I was right. He's going to be a great president, and he's now.

  3. China, Japan, Germany and other countries, gave Obama a blank check to spend. In 8 yrs, Obama like a drunken sailor spend 10T USD. Now USA is in debt for 20 Trillion USD. China hold the most debt. I don't blame Trump, it will be his responsibility to pay back US debt.

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