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5 thoughts on “Prophecies of 2017 | Irvin Baxter | End of the Age LIVE STREAM”

  1. Thank you brother Irvin for staying true and committed to the true Word of God. It's a rarity now days, as it was written. I'm also praying for your health. God bless you

  2. I know the president is pushing for a peace agreement, as you've informed us. But I think we won't see the 7 year deal until after the 6th trumpet war.  That may be the final piece to push the world to wanting a world government in an effort to avoid war…  Guess we'll know soon enough.

  3. don't take the RFID no matter what, not only is it spiritual death it is dangerous for human health. We know to put on the Full Amor of God Yeshua Messiah's Holy Spirit as that is the Only Way to fight this evil and what is to come. God Bless and keep all Christians in His Holy Hands.

  4. Israel is basically a secular nation. It'd be interesting to know what percentage believe in Yeshua, the Savior.

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