In response to Rick Joyner’s recent comments on how God protects Trump from impeachment and how white supremacy really is the fault of Black Lives Matter and Obama, his daughter Anna Jane Joyner apologizes to her African American friends and vows to stand with them. Read more at

7 thoughts on “Rick Joyner’s Daughter Speaks Out on Her Father’s Trump Support”

  1. The Papa RJ is correct and she is emotional drawn either by guilt or something no man can nor a woman can see and that is what guides an emotional plea or direction of "helps" or 'siding" with another's view! In all walks, ALL LIVES MATTER and yet, we are all going to be judged by our CREATOR. Jesus Christ made the ultimate and obedient tribute to HIS FATHER, He obeyed His Father and Our God, Our Father when He presented Himself to men to be judged and beaten more than any man had been beaten as Jesus Christ was beaten in our stead, for us who sin and carry on like we did nothing! Then He remained faithful to be hung in shame before all to be seen naked and dying on the cross for Our SIN. God Have Mercy on all of us, Killer, Murderer, shameful people that allow Innocent Blood to be shed, aborted lives, we are all guilty and covered with the innocent blood of million upon millions of the unborn. So what is your emotional trip today, Repent and ask God's Mercy upon our country, POray for our President and his staff and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem as we should not Divide Her as we would also be divided and God Have Mercy on our churches…God Have Mercy!

  2. What is really making me laugh here is how Anglo-Americans are blaming Barack Obama (A human being of mixed ethnicity) for the racism that exists within the United States. Neither do I have the time or the crayons to explain how ignorant this kind of thinking is! But you cannot argue with the wilfully stupid or the demonic.

    If evangelicals do believe in Jesus of the bible (A brown Jewish person by the way!) then they will see how far American style of christianity is from the gospel message, and I am glad that Anna Jane Joyner had will and strength to stand up to some of her fathers absurd doctrine and theology.

  3. Your father is right. There was little talk of racism before Obama. The white supremasists where not even really heard about until Obama was in office. Don't you see Obama stirred the pot and instead of bringing the country together he divided it so much further. Obama has a bitterness towards white folks, just read his book. Obama caused what is happening now, no one else. But because of your feelings and brainwashing in college you don't see the truth. It's there if you are mature enough to handle it.

  4. Your Dad loves all colors of people! Be respectful of your Father! Your Dad values every color of person too!

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