2017 Shanghai Masters Final
Ronnie O’Sullivan v Judd Trump

23 thoughts on “Ronnie O’Sullivan v Judd Trump Final Shanghai Masters 2017 Session 1”

  1. I wouldn't mind giving the referee a double-kiss – one on the pink and the other on the brown.

    An arse I'd never get tired of falling asleep with my face between those cheeks, nor would I ever get tired of being woken each morning by a warm, stinky wet fart right in my sleeping mouth. Yum!

  2. the commentator makes a lot of noise with his heavy breathing , always chewing, cant they find someone better? Anyway, incredible stuff from Ronnie but Judd was disappointing. And the referee was busier keeping that rude crowd (the new riches that are actually peasants, they think they can do everyhting just because they have some bucks) than with the match itself.

  3. I have what seems to be a stupid question since I don't think I've ever seen it done. A player is down among the reds with no pot available and needs to get down table. Is the player "allowed" to just intentionally pot the cue? I know there would be a four point penalty and the opponent can put him back in, but from where? I know it would be frowned upon, but would there be any further penalty and has any one ever seen it done?

  4. The audience sounds small.

    Yesterday, I predicted 'fireworks'; I appear to be wrong. WTF happened to Judd?

  5. Great to see Ronnie in such good form!

    Snooker VideoHub: huge thanks for your great work in uploading all those videos!!

  6. Every single shot is explained in advance by this commentator: Joe (I predict the bleeding obvious) Johnson.He seems to be pretty happy with himself. Big expert on snooker.

  7. Everything to play for, Ronnie looked good from the beginning of the tournament, Never had a doubt, but to lead 6-0 and 7-2 in 1st session it is a dreamy start. Hope Ronnie will go for a quick kill in the 2nd session, to get ready for the next Home Nations even in Ireland.

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