Stephen Colbert on Coffee Joe Calls Trump Cuckoo !

14 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert monologue 12/1/17 : Coffee Joe Calls Trump Cuckoo !”

  1. Trump on his Twitter admitted that he knew Flynn told lies to FBI, that is the reason why Trump obstruced justice by telling Comey to not investigate Flynn, and Trump now say he fired Flynn because Flynn told lies to FBI! President Trump have now given proof on his Twitter that Trump obstructed justice because Trump knew his team, Flynn…, colluded with Russia, so impeachment of President Trump is now totally inevitable!
    Good bye Trump, we will not miss you because you were the worst US President ever!

  2. The man only sleep 3 hours at nights, the rest of the time he is online searching for Islamic videos and conspiracy theories, what else could you expect from such conduct?

  3. One thing I do not understand why all the time samebody complain about his voice. Most important is what he is saying not what he sound like. Trump sound like moron. Sorry he is a moron.

  4. Don’t ask us for help, our government is trying to overtake yours for title of Best Screwed Country Supported by the Blind.

  5. it would be real nice if he didnt sound like a helium master. There is a finite amount of helium. Non renewable resource.

  6. Baptiste, can I suggest "Round 'bout Midnight" (T. Monk) on organ during "midnight confessions" Colbert monologue? Since you're doodlin' (again) "Straight No Chaser" lines, you'll stay on Monk's tunes anyway, right?

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