The Sparks fly in this one folks. In the aftermath of their initial confrontation at a earlier debate on June 15th, Act For America’s Brigitte Gabriel joins FNC’s Sean Hannity to a follow-up discussion of clarification with Saba Ahmed.

47 thoughts on “Supporter of Truck Bomber exposed by Brigitte Gabriel”

  1. Brigitte Gabriel is a hate monger who spread propaganda and racism.
    Violence has never solved any problem. Religion has never brought peace,
    only more war, regardless of which faith one believes. Love is the only
    path to peace. 

  2. *Debbie Schlussel is a Muslim using Islamic taqyyia….She should be
    disbarred for her lies and her being a traitor!!!*

  3. Gotta love Brigitte Gabriel,not only is she INCREDIBLY beutiful,but also
    extremely well-spoken as well,what a magnificent woman she is…….

  4. The question Hannity should ask Ms. Saba Ahmed is

    If Islam is so great why are you not immigrating to Saudi Arabia or
    Afghanistan to enjoy SHARIA?

    Look at the success of western christian civilization and failure of
    AllahTheSATAN – What more proof do anyone need that Islam sucks?

    Brown Skinned Immigrant

  5. Someone needs to remind Ms. Ahmed about one thing – the fact that there are
    peaceful Muslims out there does not change the fact that Islam (according
    to the Quran and other writings) is a religion of oppression.

  6. This was not an even match. This was like a 30 y/o verses a 10 y/o. Out and
    out slaughter she was not prepared the muslims should’ve sent someone more
    apt for a TV debate. She wasn’t even close to ready. She was flustered and

  7. Welcome to FOX News where the host tries to sound right by SCREAMING Lmao
    What a dumb cunt She didn’t even let the girl on the left talk. but I guess
    that’s what FOX does. Just yell & yell, doesn’t matter if you’re right or
    wrong just scream it will make you sound logical lol FUCK FOX NEWS, THEIR

  8. I support Brigitte Gabriel. She lost her homeland Lebanon to evil Muslims
    and I would be pissed off too.

  9. Wow, the Muslima is obnoxious, condescending and outright primitive.
    I don’t think she lets the other women say a single sentence without

  10. Is it any wonder that moderate muslims keep their heads down and don’t
    speak out when they are treated like this. 

  11. fuck this muslimah. claiming she’s american SHE IS JUST FUCKING using her
    legitimacy in AMERICA to be free but she’s totally scared to speak out

  12. One minute in and I’ve got to stop. Whoever that horrible woman on the
    right is, she’s unbearable in both content and delivery. Loud, obnoxious,
    self-righteous, and stupid… she’s repugnant.

  13. Origins of the Arabs in Israel – they do not want us to know:
    Palestine? Palestinians?

    There has never been such a thing as a Palestinian, and has never been a
    country called
    Palestine. Before the establishment of Israel sign here of the British
    Mandate, and before that dominated
    Ottoman Empire.

    • The Quran does not mention the word “Palestine” once

    So Where did the name “Palestine”?

    The Romans conquered the land of Israel called it “Frobinika Palestine” –
    the name
    Philistines who were the Israeli coastal cities.

    What were the Philistines?

    The Philistines were redheaded seafarers who reached the shores of Israel
    from Europe and gone
    About -1600 years before the birth of Muhammad.
    These Philistines and Arabs in Europe there is no connection because the
    Arabs in Israel
    Origin from Arab countries and Europe (and why they are called ‘Arabs’ (.

    Origins of the Arabs of Israel:

    • Arabs in Israel are a cluster of tribes and clans who infiltrated to
    Israel and Arab countries Muslim Ottoman conqueror encouragement.

    • The majority of them came as migrant workers during the British Mandate
    for building

    • Arab immigration into Israel increased as developed options
    Livelihood and living in Israel.

    Some of the surnames of the Arabs indicates the place where their tribes
    Arrived. Example:
    “Egyptian” – “al-Masri” – Egypt
    “Mughrabi” – “Maghreb” – North Africa
    “Osman” – Turkey
    “Hourani” – Bedouin from Jordan
    “Milk” – a land in Syria
    “Do that if” – “if” – “to my mother” – Syria

    Residents of Jisr Azrka (near Caesarea) from Egypt and Sudan
    Umm al-Fahm origin tribes who came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan

    • Samuel Longhorn More commonly known as Mark Twain (who wrote the books
    “Huckleberry Finn,” “Tom Sawyer”) wrote a book called “The Innocents
    • In this book he describes his journey to the Land of Israel in 1867:
    “Eretz Israel clad in sackcloth and ashes, barren and ugly. Spaces somber.
    Did not see anyone throughout the entire journey.”

    * Before the Jews returned to settle in their land after 2000 years of
    exile, the land
    Israel was destroyed and desolate, full of sand dunes, swamps, cholera and

    Jews began draining swamps, built the national carrier culverts across the
    country and made the desert bloom, built a magnificent cities and
    agriculture. Now, thanks to the Jews, Land of Israel became heaven. No
    wonder the Arabs are plotting to covet it.

    The Land of Israel in the Qur’an:

    Even the Koran by the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel:

    • Surah 5 Verse 21 (5:21): Moses: “My people, into the holy land which God
    has written for you.”
    • Sura 10 verse 93 (10:93): “Then we sent the children of Israel certainly
    gave them any good.”
    • Sura 17 verse 104 (17:104): “After the Pharaoh said to Israel, where
    Israel and when there will be another promise we will gather Fizorichm ¸

    * Muslim clerics, who know the verses in the Koran verses show more Land of
    Israel belongs to the Jews, rely on the fact that most Muslims do not read
    the Koran.
    * When conquered Christian areas (Eastern Europe) by the Muslim Ottoman
    Empire ¸ churches became mosques, so they did the glorious St. Sophia
    church located in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and made the church into a
    mosque. They did so in Europe they conquered and so they did instead Temple.


    600 years after the destruction of the Temple Mount, Muslims built the
    Temple in place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Dome of the Rock)

    • Please note that when Muslims pray on the Temple Mount, are toward “a
    hit”, so they go refer the direction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount
    (Is this usually a holy “allegedly?)

    • How many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Qur’an? 0 times!!!!

    • How many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible? 653 times!!!!

  14. Brigitte is a biggot and she talks over name calling …
    Bigitte is so racist she said people like you that’s so racist

  15. The Green Horse of the 4th seal continues it’s ugly and destructive ride
    thru history .Now it has been joined by the 4 spirits released from the
    river Euphrates in the 6th trumpet! Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida, and now

  16. Exposed her?! She hardly let her get a word in edgewise and just shouted at
    her! The most ridiculous and false so called expose ever!

  17. Good for saba,she stayed calm and made the lady look like a fool trying to
    throw rocks before she was exposed 

  18. Brigitte Gabriel knows her audience well and she knows what they want to
    hear. And her audience don’t want to hear about law abiding Muslims or
    Muslims that don’t want to attack anyone. They only want to hear that all
    of them are inherently bad or evil and that you must go after them. Now
    she tries to say that she’s not talking bad about all of them. But when
    you see her on Fox and when she does speeches around the country, it pretty
    much hateful. I do feel sorry for Saba cause she probably did not expect
    to be yelled at most of the time during the “debate.” But when you go on
    Fox, expected the unexpected. Along with the a lot of crazy. 

  19. Brigitte is a disgusting human being, the other lady is an incompetent
    debater, especially since she said, she was a defense lawyer and Faux Noose
    is a warmongering, bigotry spreading, propagandist machine.

  20. what is with the yelling and insults, discuss the topic not yell and name
    calling unprofessional and just annoying. no fruit in her rhetoric just
    hate filled unsubstantial provocative claims in a loud tone, this isn’t the
    third grade, be an adult and give the other side a chance to speak

  21. Fox News is the laughing stock of the world. Do any Americans actually pay
    attention to it I wonder? Other than just to laugh at?

  22. All the bullshit apart, ask any muslim which they will choose if given an
    option their country or the Quran.

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