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GET THE IDENTITY (ID) THEFT PREVENTION that gives you much more vital protection features from a better company than the popular brands-

Top of the line identity protection services with the utmost financial and information defense. And unlike our competitors, not only do we provide you with one million dollars in coverage but we also include constant credit monitoring. You will be protected and can feel secure knowing that Youngevity Identity Protect has you covered.

At Youngevity Protect, our mission is to provide the highest level of identity protection and service possible. With two levels of defense, our Identity Theft programs help halt fraud before any real damage is done by detecting harmful use of personal information, giving members tools to proactively defend their identity, and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction restoration in the event of a breach.

Protect your identity and credit. Plus receive $1m in coverage.
Identity and Credit Theft are some of the fastest growing crimes in America today. Obviously, protecting yourself from them both is now more important than ever!


There is value in numbers! Because of Youngevity’s large consumer base, we are able to provide you with best-available pricing on your residential services. We are also able to gain access to the highest rated service providers and demand from them high quality customer service. When you use a service provided by Youngevity Services, you can count on them delivering what is promised and at a price you won’t beat anywhere else.
Saving money on services you are already using and discovering new services to provide value to your life.

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