A short compilation of my top 5 President Trump moments from 2017. It really has been one interesting year.


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12 thoughts on “The Best of President Trump 2017”

  1. Keep dreaming d best king in d whole 🌍 is JESUS and he will d whole for 1,000 years.Jehovah is d 👑 og 👑 and Lord of Lords.🌈👼✌❤🌳🌹

  2. I'm a Brit but I wish we had a Trump here… even our current Conservative Party are now more left than New Labour. I've always been left leaning centrist, but the bullshit the Left is trying to swing now is completely unacceptable. I love how Trump lays down the smack on the libtards. You guys need to dig in and get him re-elected. I think it's too late for us.

  3. Did you know that the first president that ever recieved a female vote was Warren Harding, and many women came out and said that they only voted for him because he 'looked' presidential? (1920's)

  4. president Trump should always keep a couple of Marines around and then when some stupid a**** disrespects him like that fake news guy he can point at them and say get that son of a b** the hell out of here.

  5. CNN is bitter because Trump put them in their place. They lie and they lie so regularly and comfortably that telling the truth now seems like it's edgy and radical. CNN could never have known how easily they could be replaced. They cannot hope to compete with the internet and all the news available online that is quite frankly, of a vastly superior quality than the news that CNN and other MSM outlets put out for consumption.

  6. This first clip "You are fake news" is a great one, for anyone who is managing a meeting or giving a speech. You're the one with the podium, you're the one in charge. You have the floor. If someone is interrupting you for any reason, it's reasonable for you to tell them to stop talking.

    I'm in favour of productive conversation, and might personally have said "I'll take your question after" or something to that effect, but the idea that he took command of the Q&A was reasonable.

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