When we take an honest look at what the Bible says, we find that popular myths about Antichrist are not biblical. Hollywood and tradition have misled folks for years. The Bible does NOT say Antichrist will arise as a globalist or that he will be loved by everybody.

12 thoughts on “The Bible Does NOT Say Antichrist Begins as a Globalist Loved By All: Antichrist Myths Busted!”

  1. It's good that we have a pastor on the internet who is countering all the lies being pumped out by pro-Trump pastors and propaganda groups. It's unfortunate that you don't have anywhere near the audience of the major pro-Trump pastors and propaganda groups. The comparison with Adolf Hitler seems highly appropriate. It's hard for me to understand why God would specially ordain someone with the horrible character traits of Donald Trump.

  2. I'm not sure how much you realize what comfort you give to people who don't worship trump. So few of the people I'm surrounded by see him for what he is and they won't listen. My best friend describes it as people who " drink the trump koolaid" .

  3. Hi brother Key. I need some immediate advice. is it possible for you to contact me on messenger? I have just been threatened of getting hurt by the "system". I need to explain how this came about and how to answer. I don't want to put our Lord God to the test

  4. I'm a new subscriber and I want to thank you for your videos brother. I have a question: will the AC or the FP be Jewish? God bless you, Simone

  5. Interesting!

    But I do have some questions. As I understand it you were saying in a previous video that the beast that comes out of the sea (in Rev 13) is the antichrist. And the beast that looks like a lamb with two horns that comes from the earth (also in Rev 13) is the false prophet., and the former is a political leader and the later a religious one. And as i recall, you said the two horns are the two ways that the lamb deceives others to worship the beast.

    So my question are:

    1. What do you think those two methods of deception will be?

    2. Who or what do you take that beast in Rev 17 that comes out of the abyss to be? Do you think that it is the same beast that is in Rev 13?

    3. What do you think it means that the one comes from from the sea and the other from the abyss?

    4. That beast in Rev 17 has the harlot on its back. Who or what do you think this the harlot?

    One other question I have (if I may). From looking at Strong's concordance (and The NASB) it seems paul never uses the term antichrist but speaks about the lawless one. And John never uses the term, lawless one but rather the term, antichrist.

    Do you think they both are referring to the same person? And do you have any thoughts as to why they might choose to use their respective terms not the same term even if perhaps they both refer to the same person?

    I look forward to your next videos and hopefully you can share more of your insights and maybe some answers to these questions as well.

  6. Well said . Many people misunderstand this issue and also I see many Christians saying the Bible says " even the elect will be deceived " when it says " if possible " to emphasize how convincing he will be . Lord bless and grace and peace be with you .

  7. Thank you brother so much for doing these videos, please don't turn the comments off on this video yet, there's another myth I need your help with but I need to grab a link and scripture. I'll be back in just a little bit and explain more. Again thank you so much James for doing these, you're in my prayers as we wage this spiritual war to wake the bride!

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