No man knows the day or the hour of Christ’s coming but we can know the signs. Let those of us who are saved draw as close as we can to our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, the JUST shall LIVE by FAITH. The object of our faith is Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. Amen

One thought on “The church of Today! Revelation Chpt 3. The Rapture is imminent!!”

  1. Are you teaching what you heard someone else teach or did the Holy Spirit directly tell you that there are only 2 churches existing today? What you are teaching is NOT what the bible says. There are seven churches PERIOD. Jesus never said the other five churches would disappear. Please go back and study the word before you teach it. All seven churches exist today, they existed then and they represent the 7 types of Christians/ Churches which exist even today. And Philadelphia applies to a few

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