A viewer just ask me a great question and basically wanted to know why I had the clock so long and never noticed what was on the front. I want to give the answer to her question here in the description box as well. I’m sure she isn’t the only one curious.lol! Here was my answer “My husband bought it at Sams for me for Christmas two years ago. Yes, I absolutely just now noticed what was on the front. lol Crazy I know! I knew what was on the front, but all I saw was a beautiful wall clock with a beautiful design. I never put two and two together. Last night as I looked at the clock, it was like something just clicked in my head while I was looking at it and everything just suddenly connected together and revealed what I showed in the video. I didn’t even notice the time until someone commented on it this morning.”

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17 thoughts on “The Lord just gave me an amazing confirmation tonight! THE RAPTURE IS IMMINENT REPENT & STAY READY!”

  1. Also 7 pauses the twelve mark twice at 2:22. 7 has a biblical meaning of completeness and perfection. I kept watching this over and over and 3 and 7 are the only numbers that pause on the midnight mark when the face plate spins. Pretty amazing clock you have there!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous clock. Funny how you decided to film just before midnight. "The last hour". I've had dream of the rapture and that time is running out. I've even had Jesus tell me in a dream to tell people to wake up before it's too late. Also noticed the clock face spinning around and the 3 paused at the 12 mark. 3 means trinity. God is coming for us and we're in the last hour people! Exciting times to be in. Make sure that people who don't know God can be included in this rapture too. Help them not be left behind!

  3. Wow.. This is a big confirmation to me as well… Today before im finishing my work..my working colleague was singing a song and i heard him singin this lyrics 'ready or not here i come'. Then afterwards i have this weird feeling that our lord Jesus is coming when we really least expected.. Thank you very much for giving us encouragements.. & i pray you have a blessed & awesome day with Jesus😊❤️

  4. This verse came to mind as I watched the clock do the face trick. The round face is our world. It turns upside down. When the the trumpet blows the world will be turned upside down. Isaiah 24:1 Look! Adonai is stripping and destroying the land, turning it upside down and scattering its inhabitants —

  5. sister, whomever designed that clock had to have been inspired by the Lord,,,  as soon as I looked at it, I noticed the jeweled crowns, but not the other details until you zoomed in on then….  amazing!

  6. Wow I'm in tears thank you sister love you soo much & how sweet of the Lord for that beautiful blessing <3 how precious our Father is

  7. Did you also notice the time on the clock when you started filming? We are close to the 'Midnight Hour'
    God Bless.

  8. Spectacular clock sister. And with the New Jerusalem, too. The 3 spinning disks are the Trinity. Thank you for blessing us with this today.

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