Owen Shroyer rehashes the most striking stories of 2017.

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26 thoughts on “The Most Striking Stories Of 2017”

  1. Its rediculous how modern illegal immagration exists today. I dont get how Democrats can blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration. Many illegal immigrants say that they came from oppressed situations yet still claim they are opressed once they get to the greatest coutry in the world. It's because all they hear from the famous Democrat liberal media is that our country and our president are racist . It is like they want to use it as a talking point against republicans (who arent any more likely to be racist than any other american) instead of actually having to debate policy.

  2. Ohh I forgot. EU called me and all the patriot's a new Nazis! My gradn grandfather foght with Nazis and saved the juses. He was killed for this in a concentration camp. I'm called now a new one Nazis? What the f**? Don't be like Europe. Be like USA fight communismus like Hitler Germany. I know what I'm saying they killed more people than Hitler. People suffered and had no voice. If protesters want USA to be a communist country speak to me or to another communist country. Just plain bullshit. Wie had this cancer for like 40. Years. Read our history and learn about it!!!

  3. Get rid of the toxic food and also use our health system. Like in Poland. I know in America it's very difficult because of all those imigrants and homeless people but take the responsibility of the illegally imigrants and it will go out. We are the proud nation and USA is our leading system to follow up. But we are radical and against the EU. We are free nation that love family, national and Christian values. America be great again!!!

  4. We are also killing our children with vaccines. Not to mention we are killing our military with vaccines. The flu shots have mercury!!!

  5. Fucoshima was caused by an earthquake, earthquakes increase with global warming, when the earth warms, it expands causing earthquakes. sea levels around fucushima and a lot of other nuclear plants are rising because of global warming.
    until we tackle global warming, our nuclear power grid will be under increasing risk.
    too bad the united states didn't sign onto the paris accord, while USA is profiting off of the last rock of coal and drip of oil, the other countries particularly china will be benefiting from the new market of renewable power, USA is still on horseback compared to the rest of the world now…

  6. 2017 was an epic year for the true resistance. Globalism took a huge blow. May 2018 bring more destruction for Masonic Globalism & their pawns in the media and Hollywood. God bless you all

  7. Even if someone says they are Nazi.. unless u were actually tjere as a Nazi it's literally not possible to be one

  8. Yea it's funny house it's not racist to cal white peeps names and talk against up.. I personally will defend anyone who's being discriminated against

  9. The silent majority gets all this crap but we work 12 hoirs a day and can't afford to get out invoked in all.this crap sorry we have to keep the lights on and the country moving in the daily.crind

  10. Trump is not afraid to jump off any cliff that's how serial entreupeners are why some peeps aren't getting that is beyond me.. not to mention when Ivanka said many people have great ideas but are afraid of success and it's true for many when u start to build a business u become a guardian per se of dependents ur vendors ur contractors ur employees eventually.its a big deal and a huge responsibility and pressure.. not to mention trumps knows all the city peeps the gov peeps he has learned them over ma my years and he's a realist and a new Yorker which they don't mince words by any means bit u gotta know how to read them I've known many.

  11. Shocking how many and how much Republicans hate Trump. They don't care about we the people, they just want to be in power themselves. Our government is totally corrupt on both sided. Incredible.

  12. I think more peeps should do compilations when u out the truth next to the lie in several events is powerful

  13. Jared Beck started on Twitter today that Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were his witnesses in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit.

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