The Prime Minister of Israel Mr. #BenjaminNetanyahu – the people of India welcome you!

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in India today trade, defence ties on agenda
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will today arrive in New Delhi on a six-day visit to India. He will be the first Israel PM to visit India since 2003. The PM Netanyahu will hold delegation level talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow where the two leaders are expected to discuss entire gamut of bilateral relations. After the talks, the two countries will ink MoUs in different areas.

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20 thoughts on “The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the people of India welcome you”

  1. So much love from India for Israel? Now ask Israel for a few thousand visas for labourers and students and see how "close" this so-called friendship of ours is with Israel.

    Now ask yourself, how many million Indians are working in Muslim countries and sending billions back home each year from Muslim countries to feed their poor families in India.

    Our general Indian population do not feel like this towards Israel. All this media-management and propaganda is being circulated by extremists Hindu groups (Shiv Sena, RSS, BJP, etc.,) and parties for political gains. These Hindu extremists are bringing shame to our India and they are doing irreparable long-term damage to our secular India.

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  4. भक्ताें के नये‎ जीजा आ गये भक्ताें में खुशी की लहर 😝😝😝😝😁😁😁😁

  5. शालोम इसृाइल नेतनयाहू आयै
    पयार लाये दोसी लाये विशवास लाये आनंद खुशी लाये ये चोसती अमर रहे हैोफा चौक ,मारग अमर रहे जय हिंद ओं नमो वंदे म्तरम

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