This is my first profile video, I was very nervous to put this out for the world, but the Lord God put this on my heart. Please watch the whole video, as it gets better through the Holy Spirit. May God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ, Messiah, king of kings. If you have any comments feel free to leave them below. Turn from sin, stop living for the world, repent. Ask Jesus Christ, Son of God into your heart today, lay your sins at His feet, confess to Jesus, fall to your knees, and beg for forgiveness, ask for his holy Spirit. Seek his ways, and He will heal you, and bless you. Seek not fleshly desires, for that is the way to hell. Instead seek the kingdom of God, and you will be richly rewarded.

11 thoughts on “Time Is Out! Rapture Imminent! +”

  1. Matthew 24:36: "But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven but the father only". Looks like you're as delusional about your faith as you are your political affiliation

  2. The church of Philadelphia is going to the great Wedding of the Lamb " Be still & know that i am hear" The one true Almighty God All Glory to Yaweh & Yeshua Hamashea

  3. Amen Brother.. You're just sounding like a sweet echo here..

    Praise Yeshua, Jesus.. stay to that wonderful nervous brother, we all know He's coming.

    Just a few days ago, last weekish Holy Spirit Ruach told me upon waking (often there's a waking 'Memo' for the day) 'The 5 wise virgins know who they are'

    I don't think it needs much translation!

    Keep holding on, keep your trust..

    Oh Brother you're saying it, how He treats me in my flaws and Chata (sins).. oh brother yes, He's cleansing out those blemishes- Amen!

    Much agape

  4. Amen brother, I've too had a rapture dream. But the dream was like a vision and when I woke up I did not feel like I had been asleep I just felt the presence of God when I woke up. I had been living far too comfortable in sexual sin and the Lord woke me up himself. He didn't use anyone to do it he literally woke me up himself. He said "Its time to stop" not in an authority tone, but like he was sad and asking me to please stop. I tell everyone truthfully they do not want to be here after that rapture happens. God's mercy will be gone and you will experience his wrath. You do not want to experience his wrath. After the vision the Lord gave me I kept hearing an almost audible voice in the spirit saying "he is coming" The time is already up, time for repentance is ending, he is on his way and any second now he's going to be here. They were foolish to set dates because the Lord is going to fool everyone. Everyone is saying September 23 and it would not surprise me if he comes far before then. All I can say is to prepare. Be ready.

  5. praise His Holy Name!! just saw this video…beautiful feeling and strong isn't It? I know as well, my brother, this is why I started my channel as well…praise Jesus forever and ever!!

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