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29 thoughts on “Trump ends 2017 on high note: What will 2018 bring?”

  1. learn to love it.King Trump.Think he'd decline the offer if the senate made it.King for life.He'd grab it with both hands.An american king,Remember 'The Apprentice' was UK show fr 5years before trump took it to US…could do the same with the Monarchy…"The Failing western dermocracy is in trouble biggly,and ive decided to try a new way of running america.I am going to give america its first king..Me King Don(silent G)…..sad no matter how rich you are its the little things that you cant change.bieng soft isnt hard.Must be frustrating when your rich….

  2. Justice. Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal 'Will Get Donald Elected' – The New York Times

    The New York Times › politics › trump-t…

    Aug 28, 2017 · The associate, Felix Sater, wrote a series of emails to Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, in which he boasted about his ties to Mr. Putin. … “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Mr. Sater wrote in an email. … “I will get Putin on this program and

  3. I'm trying to ignore skin color, but the stereotypical whining piece of shit black guy here is a negative, fault-finding party-pooper. Stop whining, get over your black victimhood/Marxist bullshit, and make an effort to see the good instead of looking for things to whine about like a spoiled little schoolgirl. You're getting paid good money for your black ass to sit in front of a camera as if you were some kind of authority on something (I'm not impressed so far–trust me)… and you're pretending to be a poor oppressed "worker"?? To quote YOU, @sshole… "Get out of here!!!" LOL.

  4. Trump ending year on the longest list of lies ever told by a sitting president in less than one year.
    Trump's toted accomplishments are lies and just a trail of destruction never seen before.
    Trump's GREAT TAX BILL is the largest FRAUD ever enacted by any party in History…all credit due Trump and the lying GOP.

  5. I'd like to see a gallows erected in front of the Dept of Justice….with the upper echelon of Democrat Seditionists …hanging from it….

  6. SO, do many of you here ….think Trump is not a lair? Is that what you believe? It's all the people 397,000 of them at the FBI, CIA, IRS, FinCEN, U.S.Treasury, U.S.Attorneys, Justice Dept. and Federal courts that are lying and NOT Trump? All these agencies are just conspiring against Trump? Trump has not been a scheming lying Russian money laundering organized crime stooge for Putin and his Russian oligarchs for 15 years or more? Trump's entire empire wasn't built on stolen Russian cash? Then….the Federal courts issuing all the Federal subpoenas to Deutsche Bank of New York the week of 12-14-2017….are not important? I wonder why they need all the bank information on Trump, Trump family members, Trump businesses, Trump fake shell companies, White House staff, including cabinet appointees like Wilbur Ross…and all current and past campaign members? What do you think they are seeing in the FinCEN data from the U.S.Treasury Department that made them go collect all the fine details of all these people and companies? Damn big conspiracy you think? Not a single, loyal American out of all those Federal employees that couldn't buy a burner phone and send out the details of some "DEEP STATE" conspiracy? Not a one?
    Or hey! There is no conspiracy, and they used evidence they had to get the Federal courts to issue the subpoenas!! Just a thought! Hard to tell …when Trump never tells a lie, he's so believable!
    You think so ??? Watch for the returned information from Deutsche Bank !! It's exactly the REDLINE Trump drew.
    Trump is in deep shit…really he is !!!

  7. Love both these girls on this segment…Waters is his usual good natured self with Dim to his right yapping bout sometin..

  8. Out of NATO ! Expelled from the UN . No health care system , No allies other than Russia ( who are actually the boss in that relationship ) Guatemala and a few islands and dicttorships I can’t place on a map . International arrests . Domestic arrests . And a complete ignorance of any media as dumb as This outlet . Nobody can stand listening to this puke or look at ugly fat men and airhead bimbos . It doesn’t even fit into last century

  9. We NEED to give the Republican "side" more Senate seats in 2018. Let's just see what happens IF the Senate has 64 conservative seats to run Trumps agenda for the next 3 years. IF it fails, then in 2022 the voters can correct the numbers!

  10. The difference between the commies and the conservatives? The commies believe the people should work and send the majority of their earnings to the government to spend the way THEY believe is best. The conservatives believe the earnings should stay with those who earned it and with the companies who create the jobs that provide the earnings. We've spent the last 30 years trying it the commies way, how has that worked out? Let's try the conservative way for at least half the time the commies were given! "The rich" as the commies like to refer to them [aka: their donors, BTW] the rich are the ones who create the jobs! Welfare recipients don't create ONE job! Let's get them to work, so they pay taxes and have skin in the game when election time comes.

  11. Just in case you ever forget that Democrats are all about the policies of "greed" and "hate the man that is better off than you", Juan Williams is there to remind you…

  12. Who here has read this tax cut??? IF you did and you are not rich already, surly you MUST see how this is a joke when it comes to the money split. The rich and corporations are going to make off like bandits… and their part of this bill is "permanent!" The working class part of this bill will end in a few years and our kids and grand kids will end up paying for it!!! This is a huge gamble where ONLY the middle class can lose… You DO get this fact… don't you?

  13. 2018 because of the President will hold crushing defeat for the democrats. Thank you PRESIDENT Trump the 1st year of your 8 has been magnificent.

  14. Iam an immigrant and I support Trump 100%. Trump is MAGA. We must support POTUS now 100% . How many of us leave the main door of their houses wide open? We all make sure that door is properly locked. What is wrong in Trump acting to DEFEND and PROTECT AMERICA? I again ask, What is wrong with that? America wake up and defend your country before it becomes another Europe.

  15. Not more Obamacare unconstitutional mandate. At least $ 1000 dollars, that i get to keep in my pocket every year. Thank you Mr President.

  16. secret plan, no hearings, no debate, no CBO score, passed on a technicality, signed by a lying piece of shit who is in office on a technicality not a majority – this 'win' is a sham of stacked cards signed by the epitome of a used car salesman… When you spend 1.5T on a giveaway to businesses at a time the economy is still booming from President Obama's policies one month after dumbfuck donald's budget… I mean CR maintaining President Obama's budget… means that's 1.5T less to spend on infrastructure – but the good news is…
    Trumptard propaganda feeding idiotic drivel to morons. You fucking idiots are listening to the network that brought you jade helm and other fictions and are believing their lies. Grow the fuck up and think for yourselves because these assholes are simply feeding you bullshit and you keep coming back for second heapings.
    Turd trumps signature is on a contract to build dump tower Moscow at the same time he said he had no dealings with russia and hadn't spoken to 'russians' in years.
    Traitor trumps defective spawn's emails prove that the campaign had dealings with russia despit dumbfuck donald's lies.
    Flynn proves that the campaign had dealings with russia.
    Manafort, Page, Papadopolis, dumbfuck donald jr, Page, and an entire cast of minions including kushner had dealings with russia while working for the campaign despite dumfuck donald's lies that they didn't
    lets not forget that dipshit donald also obstructs justice every time the lying piece of shit claims witch hunt, fake news, or calls people dishonest … and then we have his (or should I say Mueller has his taxes that prove money laundering and other illegal activities)… trump is a piece of shit and trumptards are too stupid to recognize it.

  17. People want a wall when humans have known for centuries that shit never works. Berlin. China. It always fails.

  18. All your program does is lie and attempt to destroy the only unifying quality americans have: our humanity. Shame on you for willfully and knowingly spreading lies. Shame on you for never acknowledging your deception. Shame on you for taking advantage of and blatantly exploiting the nation's most impressionable rubes. How can you sleep at night knowing you're partially responsible for encouraging desperation?

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