Video published by IDF shows method used to strike terrorist tunnels: Forces detonate explosive at opening, demolish infrastructure with bulldozer. Army official says ‘IDF will reach every…

48 thoughts on “Tunnel Destruction: IDF find and destroy Hamas tunnels leading to Israel”

  1. They knew about the locations of these tunnels before they started
    shelling… they just used them as an excuse to kill 600+ palestinians

  2. Before 1948, everyone, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, all lived together
    in Oakestine, just fine. But then some Eastern European Jews got the idea
    they needed to cleanse the land of all non Jews. And now we are where we
    are in history. This is a religious war. A Jewish war. The Jews simply
    refuse to live with other people because they believe themselves Chosen by
    God to have a pure land for their pure race. They aren’t pure. It’s a lie
    straight from hell.

  3. Israel can never be forgiven for how they have treated Palestinian civilian
    for whom which they have a duty of care as occupier by international
    law.Apparently not worth fck all

  4. Destroying these tunnels will achieve nothing. Sure, it’s a temporary
    victory for the terrorist state known as Israel, but tunnels can be re-dug.

  5. …probably blowing up the sewerage system to make things even worse for
    the Palestinians and no ‘tunnels’ really exist i’d guess!?

  6. So these are the tunnels were israeli undercover agent moved in and out
    materials and went in to fire some rockets at open fields and for their
    Iron Dome. It’s a pitty they use these as a reason to attack and kill 600+

  7. Israeli’s are digging their own mass graves.
    All we need is some heavy equipment.
    Shovel them all in and bury.

  8. God bless the Jewish Supremacist state who murder babies whose only crime
    is that their mothers weren’t Jewish. God bless the brave IDF who, before a
    single rocket was fired from Gaza, an open air concentration camp, went on
    a rampage, killing, beating, rounding up and jailing people, again, whose
    only crime was not being Jewish within this “Jewish sate.” God damn this
    state they “Israel,” birthed in blood, to hell. They are the synagogue of
    Satan, indeed.

  9. Why no one blames HAMAS ? Isn’t Hamas more responsible for deaths of
    Palestinians , than Israel . Why HAMAS doesnt honor Cease fire 

  10. As long as stupid scarabs deny israel the right to exist, they will have to
    keep wondering why their civilians are dying.

  11. Isreli Tank: 3930
    Palestinian Tanks: 0
    Isreli F-16 Fighter Jets: 326
    Palestinian F-16 Fighter Jets: 0

    I don’t see any war here. It is a genocide.

  12. The terrorist organization known isreal can be broken down. Arabs rally
    forces, this terror harden gang can be flushed out of the region, in no
    time it will be running back to Europe. i am confident the end of the
    terrorist organization known as isreal will become a reality in a near

  13. The back story the media isn’t reporting is the claims against Israel ISIS
    is making. (sidebar: ISIS is now calling themselves IS) Israel knows
    something more wicked is coming its way, and is busy leveling the playing
    field. Over and over ISIS claims: We’ll ‘break all borders to reach

  14. Israel the land of might. Israel was the reason soviet union failed to take
    over Africa through Egypt. I remember when Palestinians use to work in
    Israel till Hamas started using it as a means to carry out suicide bombing.
    Now they are complaining they are in a prison

  15. GO IDF! Terrorist lovers can only type hateful words on youtube like
    that’s suppose to scare you. Finish it! Finish Hamas once and for all!!

  16. Now we know why there were restrictions of certain items allowed into Gaza.
    Building materials restriction was lifted. Soon enough used for holding up
    the tunnels. Unbelievable.

  17. Jews have a genetic psychosis gene in them that causes paranoia they said
    Iraq had WMD and Americans and the West were stupid enough to believe this
    lies from Jews.

  18. Why you don’t show israeli soldiers crying like babies..
    this is just an useless bombing , Palestinians will build hundreds of other
    tunnels when they need… they will fight for their freedom until nothing
    called Israel will remain

  19. What if I said to you personally, “God told me that I can come to your
    house, demolish it, and kill your family that has been living in it for
    generations.” ???
    You’d call me a violent lunatic, and try to stop me anyway you could,
    wouldn’t you?
    And you might even call my concept of “God” evil. And you would be right.

  20. Who because of which innocent civilians are killed Hfiim are a terrorist
    organization Hamas uses civilians as human shields shame

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