Kurt Haskell was on the 2009 Christmas Day flight where the “Underwear Bomber” set himself on fire trying to light a “bomb” without a detonator. Kurt lays out the amazing details of this false flag to justify body scanners and the parallels to the Vegas shooting.

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16 thoughts on “Vegas Is Underwear Bomber 2.0: Defusing The False Flag”

  1. Vegas happened to stop the share act and hearing act which was less restrictions on gun laws and suppressors.

    Help stop HR 3999 and all other gun laws that have appeared since!! They are all complete violation of our 2nd amendment, and 2nd amendment exists to defend us from forms of tyranny including our own government.

  2. (((Cherroff))) and Mossad are pretty cozy. Let me remind you Israel is where the NSA sends all raw data on American citizens for further investigation

  3. Here's what happened: The sharp dressed man told the Nigerian guy that he could get him on the flight if he would agree to stuff a bag of weed into his pants. The guy says, sure, and then on the plane he thinks, hey maybe I'll just have a little smoke!

  4. Thank you David Thank you Thank you, for telling about the body scanners. Thank you for having some balls. Alex won't talk about them and it's 100 percent what Vegas is all about. They wanna put them in Stadiums, Arenas, Casinos, Churches, Gov buildings, Police stations, Stores, Wal-Mart's, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, ect. Think of the trillions of dollars, and what do they always say follow the money. Thank you David. I was very disappointed in Alex for ignoring this and pushing the ISIS naritive. Shame on you Alex.

  5. That’s what Hillary meant when she called for tighter gun control during the prior election. In other words, you can keep your guns but we will harass you to death & scan you everywhere you go-of course the Clinton foundation will own all the rights to scanners so we can control you & make a wad of $$ for ME ME ME (evil cackle).

  6. Imagine if a Mormon decided to become an Underwear Bomber. Their 'Magical Underwear' might be capable of doing a lot more than what they think!

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