Hamas has turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and a rocket-launching site. Hamas has fired at Israel and at IDF forces from the hospital. As a result, the IDF repeatedly conveyed warnings…

33 thoughts on “Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site”

  1. News tonight will show Hamas acting like the victim again… parading the
    dead and wounded in front of cameras… crying about how brutal the
    Israeli’s are.

    Mark my words… set your DVR’s. The lame stream media will fall for it

  2. why didnt you send in ground forces to “clear” the hospital instead of
    leveling one of there hospitals ,during a conflict ? 

  3. How in the fuck can this be seen as proof ??? Even i can make such a video
    like ffs. We need to bring investigators ffs to tell us if this is another
    bullshit video or not.

  4. Israel IDF are occupying terrorists. Irgun bombed King David Hotel in 1946,
    killing 91. The difference now is that IDF makes telephone calls and videos
    before blowing up a building.

    They were bombing buildings before 1948, when the terrorist base of Israel
    was declared, and they are still bombing buildings.

  5. Dear Israel – You have commenced a online war for sympathy that will never
    be returned. Keep up the great job of killing people. FYI – The only way to
    know if a hospital is devoid of people is to send in intelligence
    operatives first. Nothing works like the Mark 1 Eyeball. So keep up with
    the lies and other bullshit. You just bury your self further into the

  6. Sadly, this is how Israel handles the GAZA conflict, by phone. No
    confirmation either of who placed the call and that sounds more like a fake
    call to me. The recording says there where no civilians inside and the
    hospital was closed. But, how do they know that? Surely HAMAS takes more
    of the fault, but Israel is making this matter worse. What happened to
    Arafat’s legacy of peace?

  7. *Warning Call to Wafa Hospital Before IDF Targets Site*

    IDF is recording its crimes all by itself. International Law cannot allow
    Israel or IDF to bomb any buildings or even make claims of self-defence,
    because Israel has displaced and continues to displace over 7 million

    These IDF videos are for propaganda purposes, because Israel as an
    occupying entity, cannot be justified.

  8. Oh good job covering the voices so these people could never be tried in
    open court for lieing. BULLSHIT FAKE VIDEO!!

  9. I can’t get enough of these Israeli ass whooping videos. Hamas can hide and
    fight from within civilian structures but then think they will get away
    with it or that the IDF won’t come at them bro… WRONG

  10. Israel attacked the hospital to end the hamas, which hid their weapons, and
    Israel use their weapons to kill civilians, innocent equaled the hamas, not
    worse. Israel needs to defend the killings, have to clean up their image of
    assassimos not handle well.

  11. YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!! FUCK wafa!!!!! FUCK hamas!!!! thank god wafa is no
    i’m sad that there were’nt any hamas terrorists’ inside!!!

  12. Dont worry my dear terrorist friends Obama will build for you a new command
    cent… hospital… i meant hospital

  13. Good. I hope they got 50 of those bastards.
    Oh, and oxygen would not cause a secondary explosion. It is just an
    accelerant and would probably make things burn faster, but it would not
    explode on its own.

  14. Israel fights fair. They are defensive fighting, unlike hamas who
    offensively started this war. Stand down hamas, give up already, israel
    will never be defeated, they have THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD on their side! Go
    israel! We stand with and pray for you!

  15. Destroying hospitals is a war crime. This is fact, there is no excuse
    Israel can make up to justify such a horrific act of inhumanity. This is
    genocide, pure and simple. 

  16. So if hamas takes an Israeli school or hospital hostage, would Israel then
    bomb that hospital indiscriminately like it does in gaza. THE ANSWER IS NO.
    Cmon guys who you fooling, The people who dont understand your deceptive
    tactics need a one way ticket to the moon.

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