Two dreams Warning The Rapture is Imminent

24 thoughts on “Warning The Rapture is Imminent dream”

  1. Does Jesus watch YouTube?  That must be some internet connection he has.  Wonder if he has parental controls so he doesn't watch porn?  Where did you learn Hebrew?  Did Jesus speak Aramaic in daily life and Hebrew in the synagogue?  I think its cool that the angels in heaven will not know when the day of judgement but he told you?  Pretty awesome.

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  4. What scripture are you referring to Matthew 13:30 The Parable of the Weeds maybe you should rightly divide the Lords word this is a parable of the End time not speaking of his wedding or Bride. Why would he say to pray you are found worthy to escape all these things. How are they escaping through death? NO where in YHWH word are the Righteous sent through Judgement the Tribulation is the Wrath of YHWH. Google that. Oh start your own channel for those lies don't post them here

  5. Have you every REALLY looked into the Rapture? I mean its History? How it started? Google it. It started in the 1800's by some Woman who had a so called vision while she was sick. I used to believe in the Rapture but after some very intense study of the scripture I figured out it was false. The Second Coming is true Indeed. Stop living your life for an escape plan and start being a real follower of Christ!

  6. A simple truth. Just for the sake of it, since we know the dead rise 1st, lets look at this. Take Job 14:10-14 a man dies, gives up the ghost, lies down & riseth not til the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep, THOU hide me n the grave, until THY wrath be past, & appoint me a set time, & of my appointed time will I wait, til my change come. Kinda sounds like man dies, til heavens be no more & Thy wrath is past. & raised at the last day. PeaceB2All

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  8. I believe there will be a rapture. I also believe the 144000 are not taken in the general rapture. The Lord is leaving some of his most faithful behind for a purpose not many understand. I know many brothers and sisters in the Lord will enjoy being in the presence of the Lord very much. I am happy for them.

  9. Did you see that Billy Graham's 85th birthday is coming on the 7th? He believes God will allow him to live until he's 95 and he is giving one last address. Ben-Denoon prophesied that Billy Graham would die right before the rapture. I think it was DeNoon, forgive me if I got the wrong person. Billy Graham will be addressing the nation, the world, the week if his birthday. Lots of stuff intersecting in November. –>Your Sister in Christ, Stacy

  10. Hey Rob it's brother Gary don't sweat this love is the key weather or not the rapture is believed in or not does not matter if his heart is right with the Lord he will be taken then he will have to admit he was wrong

  11. I'm not going to debate the pre-trib rapture with you, but there is a lot of scriptural truth you're missing here. I urge you to open your heart to accepting this truth, as I firmly believe people that speak against the pre-trib rapture, will be left behind when it happens.

  12. In regards to that verse that's talking about the knowledge of Christ knowing that he alone is salvation. In regards to the matter of dispensational futurism teaching, it is a twisting of the truth that peter spoke of that false prophets would do in these last days

  13. Ok now I think I see where u are. I said I will not debate on the rapture and I said please don't message me about the Rapture . Christ will return twice once at the call of those to the wedding and then at the tribulations end for the saints and the elect. The elect are Israel and the saints are those who do not take the mark. The tribulation is YHVH wrath the righteous are never subject to his wrath

  14. Your last statement is incorrect because the describing of the event of the rapture is indeed a secret, if it were not then all would see Christ coming in the clouds , but because of the false teaching of the jesuits who distorted the scripture prophecies back in 1540, it has caused the majority of people to believe that the rapture and the second coming are separate when they are not

  15. Oh I see what you are saying yes YHVH bless u, sorry for the misunderstanding ,many who do not believe in the Rapture say the secret rapture

  16. I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood what I said, let me clarify. I mean it is a secret unto the rest of the world,.meaning that they will have no clue that Christ came and raptured his people. That is what is meant by secret rapture. But the gathering of Matthew 24 and the catching up of thessalonians are one in the same. Christ will gather his own, judgment will immediately fall in those who knew not God nor obeyed the gospel, and eternity will begin with Christ Forevermore

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