Offers 7 reasons why the Rapture of the Church is imminent!

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  1. HI! seeing this video in November 28th and that was a pretty accurate date because that blood moon did come close to the one you gave us. so now the last tetrad has been fulfilled! hurray. but now what do  we have to look for?

  2. The Globalists will inform us mid-Sept. 2015 that there is a meteor/asteroid approaching USA & they must use Nuclear Weapons to minimize damage. Yet the asteroid/meteor story is a complete lie! Nuclear weapons will trigger a massive tsunami on the East and West Coast, which will be 100% man made. The event is a False Flag to usher in Martial Law. Once everyone's homes are destroyed they will push the population into FEMA Camps. Like Hotel California: you can never leave and the food is poisoned.

  3. The  "PRE-TRIB" GURU'S, are FALSE TEACHERS  on Eschatology !!!  They call themselves Scholars,  but they are  actually Not a scholars on Eschatology, as they All  IGNORE the T.R. Greek text , from which the KJV is translated, concerning what these "Pre-Trib Guru's  consider as their  foundational texts , such as  the "miss-translation"  of Jn.14:3,  in the KJV, which reads; ….."I am coming again, and will receive you unto myself".   
    This 'miss-translated'  wording, "seems to Imply" the possibility of a "pre-trib" rapture. .
    However, if we look at the GREEK TEXT, we find that it conveys a WHOLE DIFFERENT MESSAGE !!    Which ANY scholar should be able to understand, and Proclaim !!!
     Here is what it says,…"And if -ever I-may-be-being-gone and I-should-be-making-ready to-Ye place, AGAIN I-am-coming  and I-shall-be-taking-along Ye…."

    This wording CLEARLY proclaims that when Christ is said to return, ( the Second time, Heb.9:28, at the Second Advent ) He will BRING with Him, the Souls and Spirits of All the Saints that have died in the past almost 2,000 years, for the PURPOSE of "Re-Uniting Them", with their Earthly dead bodies, to be RESURRECTED INTO IMMORTALITY !!!  
    This is THE MAIN EVENT!! ..The RESURRECTION !!  At which time also,… "we that are alive and remain".. will  be CHANGED , 1.Cor.15:51-52, …. AFTER the  "Dead in Christ" …. have been Resurrected !!
     And ONLY AFTER this MAIN EVENT, called "The FIRST RESURRECTION",  does this "small component", called the "HARPAZO", (the "Snatching-Up") the  RAPTURE, take place !

    American Pseudo theology, has made the 'Small Component"  ( the 'HARPAZO' )  INTO The "Main Event" , not understanding that the first Resurrection concerns the "being changed" from Mortality to IMMORTALITY, and from Corruption to IN-CORRUPTION,  and they twist the scriptures to fit into their abominable lies, and Satanic deception !

    This FACT of JESUS Bringing with him the Souls and Spirits of the Dead saints , as per the GREEK Text of Jn.14:3, is ALSO UPHELD in 1.Thess.4:14, which declares,…"for if we believe that JESUS died and rose again, then Also those who SLEEP IN JESUS, will God bring with him…"

    Jesus said in Jn.6:39, 40, 44, 54, that this would be on the "Last Day", Not Seven years Before the "last day"

    Rev.20:4-6 Declares that the "SECOND RESURRECTION" would take place "ONE THOUSAND YEARS",  After the "First Resurrection".    If the "Pre-Trib rapture was Correct, then Rev.20:4-6 should read  On thousand and SEVEN years !!
    These "Pre-Trib" GURU'S like the one in this VIDEO ABOVE, don't even understand plain  math while on their quest to "prove" an un-Biblical theory, that does not have one single passage of New Testament scripture to VALIDATE IT !!  Think about it !!!

    All the while  DECEIVERS like ED HINDSON, J.D. FARAG,  ADRIAN ROGERS,  CHUCK MISSLER,  PERRY STONE,   HAL LINDSEY,  DAVE REAGAN,  MARK HITCHCOCK, JOHN MAC ARTHUR, JOHN ANKERBERG,  JOHN HAGEE,  RENALD SHOWERS, Et Al,  ..REFUSE to Debate me Publicly , as they Know that i will discredit their FALSE teachings with the Scriptures !!!!

  4. September 13-28 of 2015 is the best chance, I believe something will happen during or before the last blood moon. I have no scripture to back this up just a strong feeling.
    I think the rapture will happen after the start of tribulation, or at the same time. If nothing happens in September it will be 600 years before the four blood moons come on biblical days again.  I don't think the human race would last 600 years at the rate of things now.

  5. I can't help but wonder. 'His time is short.' 
    This is why we're seeing Homosexuality jammed down our throats. Heck, the Pope is now saying Homo's are ok. (You KNOW somethings wrong here) 
    They are trying to snuff god out of our lives.

  6. Amen! Well done, Steve.
    I will offer one more reason to believe the rapture could be very soon.
    We know the 7 moeds are God's appointed times. Many people believe that the fulfillment of the 5th moed, The Feast of Trumpets, to be the rapture.
    I respectfully disagree for a few reasons. 1) it goes against the doctrine of imminency. 2) Would God have the Jewish people "rehearse" this date for centuries if its fulfillment is an event they do not participate in? 3) I believe Jesus will personally fulfill the fall feasts, on earth, and in rapid succession – just as the first 4 were – without any 7-year separation: Trumpets = 2nd Coming, Atonement = the sheep/goat judgement, Tabernacles = the Millenial Reign.
    So, using the date of The Feast of Trumpets of 2022 as the day of Christ's return (the soonest possibility) – we can simply count backward the number of days given to us in the books of Daniel and Revelation for the 7-year Time of Jacob's Trouble.
    1260 days + 1290 days = 2550 days.
    Interestingly, at the mid-point we arrive at Passover week, 2019 (Abomination of Desolation? Killing of the 2 witnesses? They are resurrected 3 days later?)
    We end up in early October, 2015 – just a few days after the final blood moon of the tetrad. The start of the tribulation perhaps?
    It is commonly understood that the rapture will precede the official start date of Daniel's 70th week by an unknown period of time. Days? Weeks? Months?
    Using this scenario, we can determine the rapture would need to occur ANYTIME between NOW and October. 
    This calculation also fits easily within each of the 7 reasons you have shown.
    Something to ponder as we wait for our Lord's return for His church.
    Praise Messiah

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