“You’re a disgraceful loud mouth” Pamela Geller DESTROY Muslim Student that Confronts her

“You’re a disgraceful loud mouth” Pamela Geller DESTROY Muslim Student that Confronts her
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  • KratosLink

    Where are the feminist, I've never heard of these stories. People in western countries need to not care about being called racist or islamophobic and defend their culture.

  • Stella Konsta

    Don't put up with that shit Pamela, kick ass!!!

  • Mac

    I hope the people wake up before it is too late, the Left Socialist agenda is to
    make people all the same,…not celebrate diversity.
    They will claim there is no gender, no male or female.
    They will claim there is no race.
    They will claim there is no Nationality,…(open borders).
    They will claim there is no Culture,…like Macron has openly stated.
    There is then nothing left, everyone is then the same generic tin with no identity
    except the one they brainwash you with through the education system & PC.
    My hope is that your normal people find their way

  • John Vasquez

    Fuck islam .

  • Webchez

    It is too late…  Any meaningful change would result in civil war.  You have the trio of groups that have abused the premise of free speech, and are working together to disrupt European and American governments….

  • Andrew Blackadder

    Where oh where can a man like me find a solid beautiful lady like Pamela ?.

  • Jasper Cole

    Debating anything to do with Islam results in two ways, they try to shout you down or threaten you in groups. It seems Muslims don't want people to know how heinous Islam is and their prophet the sort of person who would be imprisoned today for war crimes, rape, and pedophilia.

  • CDS84

    These muslim bastards need to go back where they came from!!

  • jonnbravo119806

    Someone really should have knocked the cowardly little bitch heckling unconscious. They go to great lengths, to try to hide the truth. Fuck the muslim community. If they know they're practices are barbaric, which they do, let the world see the true "religion of peace".

  • Haus skul

    Are there no MEN in the audience to beat the fuck out of these loudmouth idiots, good grief

  • Russ G

    Pam, these young women who you say have to leave everything of course SHOULD leave everything having to do with Islam. I don't care if they become Christian or atheist – just get the Hell OUT!

  • die2no

    this is a real feminist!

  • Amanda Russell

    I'm jealous of her hair

  • Dharri

    Thank you for exposing the double standards that exist in this country with regards to both American law and the lack of effort by the Media in not talking about these issues. The left Media and it's legion of lemmings will support anything that is anti-American until it affects them personally, hypocrites, all of them.

  • Joan Dolomont

    If these people don't want their children to be westernized, WHY DO THEY BRING THEM HERE????  Go back to the shit they came from.

  • Debu Phartiyal

    I think that happened in Montreal…drowned in swimming pool

  • YouCant HandleTruth

    Take that loudmouth outside and put a bullet behind his ear…WTF

  • Johan Kotze

    Fundamental Muslims are the most vile evil ghouls ever to disgrace and deface the surface of God's earth by infecting and affecting all of humanity with a deadly dogmatic and most malignant disease called Islam.

  • Jesse Lukes

    Smart women are honestly so fucking hot, lets be honest

  • maty matty

    fuckin kike

  • Borkaman87

    Pamela Geller= Perfection

  • manok elong

    Pamela Geller, well said, God bless

  • Potent Truth

    The left( and its hideous components ) and Islam make me want to puke violently , and to keep puking without stopping. The left is afraid of logic because it knows it will expose them for what they really are , and islam is at the top of there hierarchy manipulating these idiots like puppets.

  • Ina Geevers

    Pemela for presedent

  • Des Marshall

    GET real WOMEN Shari law in America will set you back centuries. Listen to Pamela Geller SHE is speaking for you. Leftish liberal women who give support to Linda Sarsour and Shari law on their feminist platform. Are committing their own abolishment. Read what Shari law means for women in the Koran. And what happens in Muslim countries that implement it.

  • Insperational Johnson

    I had no Idea that this was going on.

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