TMJC is a convention dedicated to the holiest place on earth and invites the nations to Jerusalem to discuss, network, and get educated and inspired with zeal for God’s House.

This year we will tackle common myths surrounding the Temple Mount, look at what the archeology really says, and explore the Biblical vision for the future.

Featuring top Christian and Jewish speakers, Seminars, Breakout Sessions, Panel Discussions, Field Trips, Live Stream, Event Booths, and more!


9:00 Doors Open / Welcome Packages
10:00 Main Session 1 – “The Temple Mount’s Centrality in Jewish History”
11:30 Break / Refreshments

12:00 Main Session 2 – “The Service of the Holy Temple”
1:00 Break / Lunch

2:00 Four Breakout Sessions –
1. “The Copper Scroll & Finding the Temple Treasures”
2. “Zeal for God’s House: Christian Support for the Jewish Temple”
3. “The Temple & Christian Theology: Common Objections”
4. “Water Sources of the Temple Mount”
3:30 Main Session 3 – “A Biblical Vision for the Temple Mount”
4:30 Panel Discussion with Q&A – “The Temple Mount in Prophecy & Politics”
5:30 Break / Refreshments

6:15 Lighting of the Menorah for Hanukkah
6:45 Main Session 4 – “Where Was the Temple?”
7:45 Panel Discussion with Q&A – “The Temple Mount & Archeology”
8:45 Closing Remarks
9:00 Closing

(Schedule subject to changes)

    3 replies to "2018 Temple Mount Jerusalem Convention – Session 4"

    • bruce stanford

      Thank you for putting the conference on youtube and thank you for having Anarina Heymann on here i love to watch the vids she puts out i always learn from her and thank you for answering some of my questions i have about the Temple Mount i have many more questions to ask pretty much covering the whole Bible thanks again

    • Christine Carter

      I'm a believer in Yeshua in a Torah way…I do not believe in Christmas or Trees! It's pagan and we are to separate from pagan things!

    • Linda Moren

      Amen, Doron!

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