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Date: Friday September 01, 2017
Today on Infowars Live TV – The Alex Jones Show
Friday, September 1st – Nation Turns Against Antifa: President Trump is set to terminate Obama’s “Dreamer” amnesty program known as DACA, but Congress looks to throw illegals a life raft. We’ll cover the Trump administration’s progress on jobs and the economy, Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts and the storm’s impact beyond Houston. We’ll break down the strategy on North Korea with author James Wesley Rawles, and discuss Antifa violence with activist Austen Fletcher. Trump supporter Arthur Schaper also talks about his encounter with the violent left. And journalist Jack Posobiec joins us to expose the deep state’s ongoing war against Trump. You don’t want to miss this global broadcast!

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Ron Gibson (9-1-17)

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    24 replies to "Alex Jones (1st HOUR Commercial Free) Friday 9/1/17: News, Analysis & Reports"

    • Long & Twisted Road

      HAHA, ANTIFA !

    • T Tyrell

      The young black guy is clean and well behaved, unlike the bush pigs on the left

    • T Tyrell

      The black idiot has breasts

    • T Tyrell

      God they are ugly inside and out as well as moronic and deranged

    • dew free

      We america takes care of our own .

    • dew free

      FEMA,NSA,CIA all tyou folks need to understand that you shall be gone from our land !

    • dew free

      Main stream so called media was never our media and go to hell and be pushed into the sea with the rest of the communist

    • dew free

      when you take hour inbetween post and no one else is able to attack the narrative of the post .I know the communist are dead in the water and on their way out ,goodbye you scum!

    • dew free

      I like all of infowars,but nothing is alex but alex.sorry

    • dew free

      Communist prepare to be removed !

    • dew free

      Hillary Clinton we all know is a fact that she sold uranium from lands stolen from our cowboys,public lands that they had permit to run cattle on and sold it to Russia so Russia can point ballistic missiles at us and not only that they have given missile tech and unranium to North Korea .The problems we have now in this country is from the Communist like Clinton ,Dan rather ,and Barack Obama that was never born here and should never have been our president and in my book and the Constitution ,he was not.

    • dew free

      Dan Rather is nothing more than a Communist that needs driven into the sea.Him along with the other communist have fucked up the Republic ,but now it is time for them destroyers of freedom to go into the sea where they belong.Their habit is to project what they do and have done onto freedom loving Americans.Quite frankly they can go to hell or their graves or the sea .It really dos not matter to me so long as they go.

    • michelle thompson

      Antifa didnt act up in texas because they would put a stop to it…So would we in Az

    • Euist

      Trump is half traitor already, he'll go all the way before it's over. We Nazis have resources nobody else has. Get ready for a Nazi America, then a Nazi world.

    • bob woerner


    • bob woerner

      why are you crying about antifa ,,,,,,like that idiot jones says all the time,,,,,,,,,you want a fight ,well you got one !

    • Joe G 5740

      Step right up! Who wants to be exposed as the latest member of the Crazy Clown Coalition of insane radical leftists who STILL haven`t even presented one(1) documented case proving Trump is a racist, nazi, white nationalist or any of the other countless, baseless, vile accusations they have lobbed at him.

      Some of these leftists are stupid bleeding heart liberals but most of the violent, intolerant, hateful ANT fascists are communists that support a perverted form of democracy that says you are free to believe as we believe or you will be eliminated.

      In the rest of the world this is what`s known as a totalitarian dictatorship. Also known as national socialism. Also known as global socialism. In other words they are Glozis.

    • Allen Orville

      Who cares what that crazy witch Pelosi ever has to say, she is demonic…..

    • Jacqueline Worthington

      Take the MASKS off.

    • Heeze Worthy

      Shut up about NK the US is the only country that used atomic weapons on fucking civilian areas the US is a trouble maker/blood shedder.
      The Koreans have never done anything to me or my family or yours so why are we invloved in this shit again…

    • TheNomad2009

      truth stands on its own…its when we know the truth and they tell us its not the truth it becomes a curse on those who stand on the truth….this in turn is a psychic attack…gaslighting…..when you let a sociopath or demon lie and take it personal its power is when you shift from truth really love that they can project their anger onto you and for most it sticks you are now tainted. this is absolutely Luciferian tactic. a large scale as a weapon is the g stalking. i also believe the Antifa are the stalkers that are psy op mk ultra gang stalker. masked, why masked, because the cause stalkers will be identified as actors in the next false flags or personal destruction of a persons life with stalking. sick sick evil demons and all will butn soon 11:11

    • Guacamole

      29:02 SUPER MALE VITALITY 57% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

    • Himanshu Bhatt

      At least there is one amn, Van Jones, in CNN, who has the cojones to say the truth as it is.

    • ST. JOHN THE DIVINE • Topic

      u gotta love little fat chewbacce michael moore son look a like.

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