Alex Jones sends his final thoughts on the 2018 Midterm Elections to the people. #TheAlexJonesShow #AlexJones #Infowars

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    • Capr9cornus N9ne


    • Karaoke Rebel

      URGENT: CONTACT FLORIDA GOVERNOR SCOTT (OR POTUS HIMSELF) TO WATCH NOW the video of Nov. 6 by AIM (American Intelligence Media) called: "foreign election meddling – HAPPENING NOW" and their video of Nov. 9th about Florida in particular, with Michael McKibben explaining how HRC is said to be behind an amazing process using digital keys & servers working with network engineers in Britain, Ireland, Belgium, etc. to modify the vote counts to tilt the results (we can guess in who's advantage) then return the modified results (via the digital keys) back to the voting stations or wherever the election totals are tallied. Mr. McKibben and his team told those people on Nov. 6 that they still had time to undo their manipulations in order to act honorably and avoid legal repercussions. 45 OUR OF 50 STATES ARE INVOLVED !They are trying to get the info. to Trump immediately !

    • Marcos Munguia

      Alex Jones o infowars #1

    • Edan Orvitz

      VOTE RED!!!

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