Europe’s cultural suicide.


Two excellent books on the appeasement of Islamic extremism in Europe

While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips


Free speech and radical Islam

More respect for Islam?

Islam-West rift widens

Danish art show re-opens after Muslim threat

Dutch government’s cowardice in the face of violent threats

See the movie here

Muslims rioted in Denmark because they were “bored”

European Union covered up attacks on Jews by young Muslims

Britain’s dhimmi West Midlands police

Bradford police may have to learn about sharia law

You can download an audio version of this video at

    29 replies to "Appeasing Islam"

    • karen tipping

      Muslims need to FUCK off back to their hell holes of origin

    • Michael Holder

      Islam and Mohammed are a filthy disgusting satanic pool of garbage. THE Koran is fit for toilet paper and that's all

    • bbrilliantalwayz Shannon

      I ?Your videos

    • E Jam

      Ah you should do better research. It dosent tell Muslims to hate Jews its just saying not be a close friend with them or just saying they are bad people. You want proof. Abu Bakar as siddiq wich is the first Khalifa Urrasyidin helped a jew get his home back because Umar Bin Khattab was about to use to build a Mosque using the space of the jew man. So YEAH

    • الدّفاع عن الله الله بريء من القرآن

      The best way to destroy Islam is by adhere to Allah and create many religions

    • Hope For the Planet

      There are no such thing as moderate Muslims ; they paint the target and the enforcers come in a murder the target. Muslims are constantly agitating for special considerations and rules just for them, to protect them and allow them to do what even they want while they destroy equal rights and freedoms. No respect for Islam. The more we give them the more they demand. Appeasement doesn't stop them from killing us..enforcement of the law and maintaining our human rights and freedoms.

    • Calvary Crusader

      Theresa May & Hillary Clinton are both TRANSMOLEM TRAITORS which means they have rejected Jesus Christ as the ONLY way to Heaven by His death on the cross!!!

    • Potato Chips

      This is a message to mainstream media and all those other knuckleheads who do as they are told and are taught to listen and believe instead of thinking for themselves.

      I'm a proud racist to Muslims. Please, call me an Islamophobic asshole, for it makes me smile. It doesn't make much sense since it is completely rational to fear such a hateful religion, but, be my guest; call me such words. Do it. I happily welcome it. As for the Muslims out there, fuck you and your Sharia law.

      For those with the "not all Muslims" argument, fuck you as well. Perhaps not all Muslims are broken in the head, but enough are; and the supposed minority of radical Muslims have a loud-enough voice to shape the world as they see fit. Why? Because soft-skinned dimwits don't want to offend them for fear of being called racist.

    • Troy Lewin

      here,here! thank you Mr condell for expressing my own thoughts!

    • Innocent Ferret

      An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat them last. -Sir Winston Churchill.

    • Jamila Ahmed

      Wdf you are the most bored human being ????

    • Miles Jolly

      When Islam starts to respect the basic and fundamental human rights of ALL HUMAN BEINGS ALL AROUND THE WORLD
      When Muslims stop murdering people in the name of Allah
      When Muslims stop taking offence at jokes and legitimate criticism of Islam
      When they stop murdering gay people, subjugating women, persecuting Jews, Christians and other religious groups as well as agnostics and atheists,
      then they might get a little respect

    • Miles Jolly

      2:38 fastforward to 7 January 2015 in Paris

    • irvan dinal

      so many un fact in this videos…one side story and bullshit speak..where is the source…? and this kind videos is allowed in usa..?

    • Satan Saves The Chidren

      Oh, and to all you Muslims out there:
      At least Christian parents let their children worship the devil one day out of the year.
      Anton Lavey

    • Satan Saves The Chidren

      We didn't earn it, nor do we deserve it. And here's why: We're more stupid than the stupid people who worship the god mentioned in the text below. Congratulations!!! You but heads should give your selves an award!

    • Satan Saves The Chidren

      1,400 years of stupid people worshipping a stupid god.

    • Primus 777

      Given that the political classes are careerists, apologists, cowards, anti-British, populist, short-term, non-visionary, ambitious, fettered-by-political correctness, liberal, elitist, agenda-driven spineless traitors….
      Your remarks are a breath of fresh air in a miasma of toxic gloom and cultural hopelessness.
      2000 years of tradition and heritage offloaded in a few decades.
      I'm ashamed to be a citizen of "Great" Britain.
      Respect to you Sir.

    • Luke123

      Can you see into the future?

    • Robin Breeds

      The aim of the Islamic Caliphate is not a myth but remains a burning
      ambition in the hearts of all Muslims. All Muslims accept the Quran as
      the Word of Allah The Ummah is any county with one
      Muslim in as this is part of the Islamic Community as the Ummah  is
      Uniformity which eradicates the national identities of the peoples it
      conquers, Coptic identity of Egypt, the Indian identity of Pakistan,
      Assyrian identity of Iraq, Persian identity of Iran Hindu and Buddhist
      from Malaysia Suppressed or totally wiped away. Islam whats Collective
      identity of the Islamic nations as we see Judaism and Christianity
      replaced  by the Ummah in the Middle east

    • Robin Breeds

      Global jihad is driven by the 56 nation Organization of the Islamic
      Cooperation (OIC), formerly known as the Organization of the Islamic
      Conference. Since its creation in 1969, the OIC has been dedicated to
      the destruction of the State of Israel

    • Robin Breeds

      Histroy of this for which this Eurabia
      Project is apart of Eurabia (catalogued at WorldCat; 1975-1977) edited
      by the President of the Association for Franco-Arab Solidarity, Lucien
      Bitterlein, and published collaboratively by the Groupe d’Etudes sur le
      Moyen-Orient (Geneva), France-Pays Arabes (Paris), and the Middle East
      International (London). The articles and editorials in this (1975-77)
      publication called for common Euro-Arab positions, at every level —
      social, economic, and commercial — and were contingent upon the
      fundamental political condition of European support for the Arab (and
      non-Arab) Muslim umma’s jihad against Israel

    • Josy Ruiz


    • PetePreneur - Entrepreneur Vlog

      This guy was onto the SJWs early as fuck!

    • cat lover

      Dear Pat, regarding how women are treated by Muslims in the west: Talk is cheap and rigorous enforcement of the Western law does not scare anyone! Surgical castration (excision of both testes) will sure help them to respect western laws or decide not to come at all!

    • Eden Havaov

      It's strange how hard is to admit that a shit stinks
      Even stranger how many fight for the right of stench
      There's no will for the political correctness to be thrown in the garbage where it belongs

    • aron zfrany

      great video! 100%!

    • Sayit AsItIs

      I don't like Muslims. I used to years back when I had a Muslim friend. His son is now in ISIS and my former friend thinks this is good. I also don't like any large groups which are a threat to the stability of the world. At present it is just a virulent tumour but it is morphing into a cancer. So the West needs to cut out the cancer and cauterise the wounds. Clean up the West and let Africa take care of it;'self

    • LPMBB1815

      True. Islamic values cannot coexist with Western values. Islam, therefore, is trying to impose sharia law on the West. The West needs to fight back. Islam poses an existential threat to European culture and values.

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