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John Kilpatrick says the blessing and the glory of God are meant to be a covering over you in every area of your life. Now more than ever!

Pastor John Kilpatrick says we can learn a lot from the life of David.

David was young when he experienced the anointing of God. But even as a young king, David danced with abandon in his zeal to bring God’s Presence to Jerusalem! David wanted to build a place for God to reside. He knew the blessing of God was sufficient to overtake an entire kingdom! When David heard how Obed Edom and his house were blessed because of the ark, he wasted no time.

How about your home?
John Kilpatrick says it’s important to understand what the blessing and the Glory of God are, and he speaks with authority on how to position yourself to receive them. As he shares on the Glory of God, John helps answer:

• What is the Glory of God and how is the Glory different from the anointing?
• What happens when the Glory appears?
• How can we prepare a place for the Glory of God to reside?
• How the Glory can be a covering for our homes, families and churches

John urges you to follow the example of David. Covet the manifest Glory of God and waste no time!

John Kilpatrick is senior pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, AL. He is an in-demand speaker, author, apostolic leader, and has had the privilege of pastoring two powerful revivals: The Brownsville Revival and Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival.

▶▶Get your copy of The Blessing and The Glory by John Kilpatrick: http://bit.ly/2DQpDjg

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    29 replies to "Are You Ready for the Next Move of God’s Glory? | John Kilpatrick"

    • Danielle Somerfield

      What are you waiting for American? It's just like God to bypass prideful, insolent fools.

    • Van Hellslinger

      Armageddon will come soon, and death will be as common as water. It will flow without and within as if there is no way to turn it off. And some but not all of Christ will be spared, but none will be spared from looking upon the face of death that Armageddon sends. Even them that will inherit the Earth as it is written will not be able to turn away from the face of God. His judgement will consume all. The worst crisis in the world is atheism, but even we who know God know nothing. God the Father of Jesus Himself descended from Heaven and visited me. The Holy Angels who rolled away the stone for Christ came and healed me, Jesus himself and the Holy Spirit has entered my flesh, I have seen every living being in Heaven and Hell turn and gaze upon me personally. Yet I know absolutely nothing! Woe unto all, for to know anything before God is the worst crisis of all, and unfortunately we all know something. If you read this then you have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and so we can't be saved as them who are without sin. Those who were born and yet never lived. The aborted humans that still cry for we have done nothing to stop their murder. Amen

    • Yellow Feather

      This was an amazing episode ..I went to my children and blessed them and ask God's favor and blessings over their lives…. God used this Pastor to minister to me today ..I needed this. thank you Brother Kilpatrick you are a blessing to all of us…God bless you always

    • Jeanne Manzella

      Amen signed, sealed, and delivered Amen.

    • Clive Collins

      Sid said -"God begins healing the spirit and does surgery on the body".A sick spirit brings disease to a body,a healthy spirit does not bring disease to the body – the spirit begins the healing of the body but if there is spiritual resistance the healing can slow down and stop.Our doctors/psychos treat the symptoms of the body, of a spiritual sickness and then they don't know why there is no healing.You cannot heal the spirit by healing(or treating the body) the body,the spirit must be healed first in order for the body to be healed.

    • Danielle Somerfield

      Johnson slandered The Glory by partnering with the religious spirit, that's why The Glory departed from Bethel.

      'In this likeness, these also lust in their dreams, who defile the flesh {submit to the religious spirit}, reject Lordship and slander The Glory. Jude 1:8 Aramaic

    • Danielle Somerfield

      Joseph’s jealous brothers sold off the firstborn of a love relationship to the religious spirit (Ishmaelites) and lied that he was dead. If the religious spirit can't get you to sin sexually, it will just falsely accuse you. But God was with Joseph and he fulfilled the dream Joseph never interpreted himself, revealing his true heart to his evil brothers.

    • ADRIANA Evseev

      God bless you Sid Roth in Jesus name! I love your transmision ???

    • Layla Rose

      This is so GREAT I love all this God given Kingdom we r in revival n mercy for United States of America thnks for preaching the Word I just receive all of it thnks n God bless

    • Pristine Mind

      Is there a church that is experiencing an outpouring like the one in Pensacola right now?

    • polly jetix

      My daddy died when I was a baby. My stepfather died years ago.
      As this was playing about @ 50:00 I began to ask God to bless me, as He is my Father.
      And I heard His voice very clearly:
      "I have given you the blessing. You shall bring forth much fruit for Me."
      Glory! hallelujah!

    • darren bell

      Unfortunately providing entertainment had a way taking the forefront.

    • Ntando Ndlovu

      This channel never ceases to bless me. Hallelujah!

    • Ethann Du Plessis

      This is Amazing.

    • Chryslers1

      I ordered the downloads of The Glory & the Blessings, unfortunately they didn't go all the way when I listen to them. Not sure why ?‍♀️?‍♀️

    • Ashley Saviola

      Glory be to God

    • LINA DR

      Can I please have this video in spanish? please please please

    • Danielle Somerfield

      I've already told you that I was cast out of Dayspring cult in Sydney Australia for manifesting The Glory during worship, authorised by Bill Johnson.

    • Mandeep Narang

      Br I love your program. Every guest has been a blessing to us. Please try to have Br Neville Johnson from Australia and Br Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj from India, and Br Michael Van Vlyman from USA, they are good friends of Br Bruce Allen. They are Prophet's for the end times. God bless you in every area with HIS goodness

    • Steven Seo

      If you believe in Jesus because of his healing power, you will be soon leave him . Do not trust what pastor is saying. You gotta be very careful.Some of them really deceive us.

    • Joe Diaz

      God doesn't need time to do anything he's god he's not bound by time and space

    • Giant Killer

      I've been waiting for the Glory to come back for 10+ years… Come Lord, come! Let your family and even those lost feel what your presence is really like. Cuz man it's wonderful! Thank you Lord ??❤

    • Wynette Greer

      Yes, too many churches are not fulfilling their spiritual purpose, people are not being fed, it’s just a meeting.

    • Chryslers1

      I came across this video for the very first time 3 nights ago. I was in awe of Pastor John Kilpatrick. I literally fell asleep after re-watching it for the 2nd time. I woke up in the morning & the video had paused itself where I had fallen asleep. So I stayed in bed to watch the rest of the video. This morning, I have just received my downloads for The Blessing & the Glory. Thank you so much Pastor John, I am truly greatful.

    • Marie Jones

      IF YOU STILL CELEBRATE THESE UNHOLY PAGAN “HOLIDAYS” YOU ARE SEVERE JEOPARDY!!!! Using JESUS name and likeness to perform PAGAN rituals is an ABOMINATION! Do your research and find out which of the apostles which of the TRUE BELIEVERS has partaken in the “winter solstice” CELEBRATIONS THESE EASTER , EGG HUNTS, HAM DINNERS, come on NOW PEOPLE YOU ARE DECEIVED and it has made it into your HEART if you are BLIND to these abominations! Do your research to the origins of gift giving, tree cutting, lights and candles, silver and gold, ( nothing to do with wise men) wreaths, red eggs! Bunnies, Jackolanterns, disguises, sweets!!! WAKE UP HEATHENS!!!! You are NOT CHRIST LIKE doing these HORRIBLE actions! JESUS IS COMING STOP DANCING AROUND THE GOLDEN CALF
      STOP IT NOW!!!! REPENT for what you have already done
      There is NO CHRIST in Xmas
      No Christ in EASTAR! Even thanksgiving is a celebration of death and genoside, murder and deceit
      You must all repent NOW!!!

    • Melissa Westerwelle

      Glory to God

    • 20believer10

      You will do GREATER things Jesus says.

    • Rebekah W

      The presence of God attracted it to God!! AMEN! Wow. Amen Hallelujah! There is this !!

    • Sterling Cray


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