A compilation of best Donald Trump news bloopers of 2017.

    18 replies to "Best Donald Trump News Bloopers 2017"

    • News Be Funny

      Watch more President news bloopers from both Republican and Democratic presidents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbI5gCZq_SY

    • Patrick Holmes

      Rand Paul video is the real gold.

    • Rachel Dunwoodie

      So funny ???

    • Cra5hOverride

      I went to Nambia earlier this year; it’s a beautiful country between Zambia and Namibia.

    • Sancho Pancho

      "Oh, this limo?"
      No one with a Trump sign to acompany him to his limo?

    • Ashley Flowers

      1:17 ?????VIRGIN ISLANDS

    • Brandon Davis

      This is so outlandish it seems as if it's a big SNL clip… Just wow

    • Esteban A.

      2:13 really needs to be a meme or a gif

    • ThatOneEngineeringStudent

      Hmm there is this car standing outside of my plane surrounded by special forces… It's probably for someone else

      *Walks on*

    • Jay Khan

      3:26 lol i thought it was a thumbs up in the middle of the video xD turns out that was someone's head hahaha

    • CarbonCrossroads

      Water……big water……ocean water…. ??????

    • Timothy Schreiber

      That's my president! 🙂

    • Kendall S.W.


    • BJ McKay

      Bing bing bing!

    • FN- 2187

      LOL…this giant oompa loompa is fucking HILARIOUS!

    • paintwriteplay

      Hallo America. You have your best President since Ronald Reagan. Cheers! London, England

    • savanschaick

      Every slight towards the media…closing door on the semi truck, dumped box of bird feed, halloween kids interview, tossed paper towels,… I love this guy! Too much of the presidency is a pantomime.

    • sakcee

      I think I miss bush jr !!!

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