Watch Brigitte Gabriel DESTROY the idea that walls don’t work. The facts are in and walls work. Don’t buy the lies of the left.

    25 replies to "Brigitte Gabriel Gives 5 Reasons Why We Need to Build the Wall!"

    • John Roberts

      Great video Gabriel..

    • Scott Coulter

      Breath of fresh air

    • lusitano

      god bless you brigitte gabiel

    • PerceptionDeception

      DHS still bussing the illegals from Ep to other places

    • Cliff Skorupa

      I pray for God too intervien but I already know he will. They're used to a sure thing with there hate and violence lies and deceit. It will end. And I love hearing truths, they are cheating however

    • BreakFix

      Jesus Christ never built walls.
      Building walls to keep people out is unchristian

    • So What!

      Yes for the wall!

    • swarup.k. dasgupta

      Dear Brigitte Gabriel, My NAMASKAR to you. I like and love your all works are so excellent and eleborately explained in in short ways.
      Thanks lots.

    • Jesse H

      The common sense of it all says everything. Why are so many all of the sudden coming here with full support from other countries not to mention Mexico ??? Time to shut that shithole down period and stop all trade until they if possible get their shit together. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Do you ???

    • Bill

      Brigitte, why are you disgracing yourself, your parents, family like this? Being a certified professional whore for Zionists is very disgusting and you have a very black heart and God knows what kind of diseased heart, mind and body from your prostitution. Go change your ways, repent. Get an education. Kiss the feet of those you oppress with your ill fated propaganda…You have foresaken the Lebanon and are an embarrassment to the Arab nation with your betrayal too. Ask for forgiveness. Shameful what you have done….Did someone rape you and now you are full of complexes about sexual abuse and rape and FGM(nothing to do with Islam or the Arab world)….?

    • Tien Nghe

      People should learn about the Chinese " the great Wall of China " that's was thousand years ago and it's work then and it's work now ,only the one think it's not work because they never see them and acting like and idiot and look dumb , they're should learn more about the past band history .

    • 1suzanne11

      Why aren't you in Congress or the Senate?? We need you. You have been trying to get people to listen for (it seems like forever) to open their ears and listen. We need good people like you who aren't afraid to stand up and tell it like it is. I believe you are a strong person who try to get people to open their eyes and ears, will not take bribes, and will stand up for something you believe in.

    • bigsteed007

      What is the argument for not having a wall? Do these people not have doors with locks on their homes too?

    • David Wheeler

      Gorgeous, clever, eloquent, this lady is absolutely amazing 😉

    • Abubakar Dinil

      All of us as one !one world, one sun, one end ,one life, one distanation, right and wrong,heaven and hell, read qur an please!

    • Abubakar Dinil

      What can you say about adan and eve Noah moses Jesus Mohammad peace be upon them ? Telling people about hell and heaven all of them no differences calling to the oneness of god Brigitte calling for differences no peace minded

    • Abubakar Dinil

      Islam focusing on god power and final life

    • Abubakar Dinil

      Think for final distanation heaven and hell

    • Mr Potato

      You alone from Lebanon you stupid moron!

    • JHL JHL

      Why not just build the wall, and get it over with?

    • Sophia Terry

      Dun you know drug practically wipe out your children, husband, wives, mum, dad, brothers, sisters….The most effective way to weaken or crippled a nation. Dun believe, check China history, the import of drug (opium) by the west

    • Rich Marsh

      Top Facts… Top Lady… Top shelf… I love this channel..

    • ujang senang

      She looked like a demon

    • Jerry Shea

      Now I don't normally
      express my enthusiasm vocally for Public figures,but I do like this Lady!*****👍

    • Farah Mohamud

      I am pretty sure the piece of earth you are standing on is ashamed by your claims you are a immigrant illegal immigrant to be exact and attacking innocent victims of war and draughts. U stink

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