Finally! For years all we hear is that Islam has been ‘hijacked’ and that most Muslims are peaceful people:

And that matters to the 270 million people who have been killed in the name of Allah HOW?

They estimate that some 15 to 20 percent of all Muslims are ‘radical.’

Well here’s a real news bulletin that actually has meaning:
Eighty Percent of All Muslims Are Not Muslims!
Enter Ms. Brigitte Gabriel.


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    • Tiffany Henry

      Extremists aren’t tied down to one religion.

    • Fidem Turbāre

      Have you ever found it difficult to respond to Political Correct agendized
      questions and arguments that emphasize how peaceful Muslims are being
      unfairly slighted because extremists and radicals don’t represent the
      majority of Islam?

      Brigitte Gabriel (+Brigitte Gabriel) provides a “Christopher Hitchens
      quality” intellectual answer in response to this question from an
      innocence-feigning Muslim member who was in the audience. Then, at the
      end, she finally lays it on even thicker with a most excellently stated
      guilt trip followed by a statement that “it’s time to take Political
      Correctness and throw it in the garbage.”

      Since Political Correctness is not my master, and obviously not Brigitte
      Gabriel’s master either, I wholeheartedly agree with her final sentiments
      (in addition to everything else in that wonderfully powerful speech), and I
      applaud her for presenting such a powerful and insightful
      historical-statistics-backed argument.

      The world needs more intellectual argumentation like this to be presented
      to keep the spotlight on the hypocritical and atrocious nature of the
      violent fascist oppressors who are systematically trying to destroy all
      modern civilized societies and rule them by fear.

      (Thank you to +al m for sharing this video, here: )

      Video duration: Less than 5 minutes.

    • Conrad King

      Amazing speech about why we need to worry about Islam.

      Might be worth a watch +Bill Purkayastha 

    • Juan C.

      Extremists aren’t tied down to one religion

    • Robin Poe

      It’s not Islamophobia, if they really are trying to kill you…

    • Koala Bear

      Ok I know this may sound bad and how dare I say anything that bothers
      anyone else’s opinion when they feel judged but I am seeing a lot of hatred
      to the Muslim people (first of all it is not their fault as with all
      religious people they are taught and told that you should only go into one
      religion because that is the correct one).
      I actually think Bridget Gabriel is a perfect example of an idiot that
      knows nothing on what she is saying and she just gets all the information
      out of her ass…

    • John Kennedy

      Here are quotes from Brigitte Gabriel to show what an Islamophobe
      hatemonger she really is:

      “America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand
      up and identify the real enemy: Islam.”

      I don’t see anything about radical violent muslims. I do see her saying
      all of Islam is evil.

      Or this one?

      ” practising Muslim who goes to mosque every Friday, prays five times a
      day, and who believes that the Koran is the word of God, and who believes
      that Mohammed is the perfect man and (four inaudible words) is a radical

      That is radical?

      Or this one?

      “The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the
      difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between
      good and evil [applause]…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic
      world, They have no SOUL !, they are dead set on killing and destruction.”

      The Arab world is evil, they have no soul, are on set on killing and
      destruction, according to her.

      It seems you don’t really know what she stands for, do you?

    • Steven R

      Upitty little Muslim girl got destroyed :D

    • Jackie Wu

      She must be a spokeswoman for the Bush and Chaney gang who orchestrated the
      9-11-01 event as a prelude to their subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and
      Iraq. The US is the biggest terrorist in the history of mankind. The
      Muslim suicide bombers are not terrorists. They are freedom fighters and
      martyrs defending their people, their dignity, and their faith. You would
      have honoured them as heroes if they were on your side. The US murderers
      are cowards. They used atomic bombs, chemical, biological, radioactive WMD
      as well as unmanned drones to murder INNOCENT, defenseless men, women, and
      children CIVILIANS in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. No
      wonder people all over the world hate the US.

      No worries though, the truth is always in control and the truth will
      prevail. China will soon take over the leadership of the new world order
      and the thoughts of Chairman Mao and the teachings of Confucius will work
      to ensure peace, solidarity, and prosperity for all people in the world.

    • v8infinity8

      I heard i said the other day “there are 2 types of muslims-the radical ones
      that will kill you now and the peaceful ones who will be a friend to you
      now, then kill you when their mahdi arrives”!! They will kill you all
      unless you convert to islam. Choose JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!

    • Lea Gon

      “The peaceful majority are irrelevant”.

    • raultalbot7

      She said what should have been said long ago.

    • Dammand Cherry

      Her numbers are very inflated. And by the way you noticed she didn’t
      mention Christian’s. Why? There was something called the Crusades…..kill
      millions of people killed.

    • YamiJK

      I’ve been asking myself that same question for a while, if so many Muslims
      are peaceful and Islam is suppose to be a peaceful religion, why do none of
      them make a stand against the extremists and let people know their not with
      them nor support them, otherwise they just seem suspicious to.
      Islam is a scary religion, nothing should have such force or power that it
      can dictate who lives and who dies.

    • Ohloveeh

      What a fucking awful woman.

    • Conn O

      Islam and the so-called prophet Muhammad is the reason for all terrorism.
      As long as the factory of terrorism (The Quran) exist there will be no
      peace as Islam is a totalitarian ideology that opposes freedom and

    • Trey Wilson

      Get rid of em all. Just say no to ragheads. They are the new Nazis.

    • EresirThe1st

      To the majority of peaceful muslims:

      If you hate being likened to radicals then defeat the radicals and bring
      about peaceful governments. You let groups like ISIS and Boko Haram walk
      all over you- then when someone makes a sweeping statement about extremists
      you cry about your feelings being hurt.

    • butterflycaught900

      Gabriel: “Ive got an arab accent so i must know all about muslims. My
      accent is thick as fuck! See im from the middle east so my opinions are
      really indisputable. Have you heard my arab accent?”

    • Mover Pros Moving

      Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all
      Muslims are portrayed badly » T

    • The Philippi Jailer

      I love Brigitte Gabriel – She’s a Lebanese born ethnic Christian. She is
      now an American. She speaks the truth we need to hear! #Islam

    • Billy Gilhooley

      I stood up and clapped too. About bloody time!…

    • peterjs007

      So many butthurt Muslims commenting

    • Timo Yannopoulos

      I approve this statement. Yes any radical thinker has to be stopped from
      destroying cultures, civilizations, freedom and especially the suppressing
      of females. Please unveil, don’t hide.
      No question go for it.

    • Shruffle Love

      Muslims don’t belong in Western civilization because often the peaceful
      ones have extremist children. They need to remain in the countries that
      want this belief system to prevail. They must unite and turn on the
      extremists there, and keep control of their countries just like we do,
      using equal war tactics to fight back, just like we do. They are literally
      ruining Europe’s culture, and they have taken down parts of the states too,
      like Dearborn Michigan. We cannot keep them!

    • Damien Beckett

      I hate muslims.

    • Troy Garner

      Interesting that you dont hear much through the media about Bridgitte
      Gabriel. And this video was sent to me by my nieghbor one of the 75%. 

    • Patrick Aidan Crawley

      Can that Brigitte Gabriel come to the U.K. and kick our politicians.

    • archersfriend

      Notice how the Thumbs Down Does NOT Work on the Replies? Looks like the
      Diaper Heads have corrupted the Tube Now.

    • Stu3100

      Have those oh so sweet & ‘peaceful’ Muslims not called for her to be
      beheaded yet? That’s what they usually call for if ANYONE speaks the truth
      about the evil religion that is Islam.

    • al m

      Amazing speech about why we need to worry about Islam.

      Might be worth a watch +Bill Purkayastha 

    • William Bobbitt

      Amen, now the whole world has it’s hands full with these Muslims! 

    • Shabir Ali

      So she did not answer the question? Yet you retarded hill Billy Americans
      praise her as a hero? If anyone was a hero it was the Muslim women who
      stood her ground and asked a question infront of all those people, a
      question that was never answered

    • Beach Bum

      Amazing speech about why we need to worry about Islam.

      Might be worth a watch +Bill Purkayastha 

    • Naor

      This is the truth. Islam is the biggest danger to human kind.

    • Dammand Cherry

      She also didn’t mention slavery, which killed millions of Africans world
      wide. So in the name of religion.

    • roflex2

      Pointing the figures achieves nothing, stopping violence is the only way
      for peace to happen. That means stopping the manufacture of guns and

    • paoloforever2

      That was a great answer by Brigitte Gabriel!

      I would say that 3% of a population, determined with fanatism and violence,
      are absolutely enough to knock a society completely out.

      You can make the comparison with a plane with 100 people:
      You put one armed man in front of the plane where the pilots are.
      The second armed man, you place him in the middle of the plane and the
      third armed person in the back of the plane. So you can keep the passenger
      helpless and powerless as long as you want.

      The same thing happened to the populations of Medina in 622 AD. According
      to the Iranian scholar Ali Sina 3% of determined Moslems were enough to
      completely Islamize the formerly Jewish town Yathrib.

    • Kathleen Bemis

      WOW! This is a powerful video! 

    • Hunter Dean

      Will you marry me Brigitte? You are amazing.

    • Shabir Ali

      So did this hypocritical women along with her goverment speak out againt

    • Sten Herlavson

      Greetings from Norway Birgitte Gabriel – Fantastic response – thank you –
      comments are not necessary – you said everything so perfectly clear.

    • jdgonzo1982

      this woman is angering me so much i’m going to stop watching…what a
      hateful, one sided, bias, un-infromed answer to a very educated question.
      this world is doomed people…the assholes are in control and the masses
      are now believing them 🙁 🙁 :(

    • Hjalmar Nyman

      We did it reddit! Finally someone speaks up and is heard. Brigitte Gabriel
      is officially the #atheistoftheday

      We have not yet come close to curing the world of religion, but this is a

      Hjalmar Nyman
      Reddit moderator, Atheist scientist 

    • Huw Rees Music


    • David Peretz

      Lol like mohammad and his barbarians didn’t occupy the entire middle east
      since the 7th century slaughtering who didn’t want to convert. Bitch
      Please. Abraham Isaac and Jacob were there FIRST

    • YorktownUSA

      A few of her numbers were exaggerated, but she still made her point.
      Though it must be said that some percent of the radicals are caused by
      western foreign policy. I do agree with throwing out political correctness
      though, it doesn’t help anyone.

    • Daniel Holland

      Concern trolls please

    • Yewon2001

      Wow that was good

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