All I can say is that I wish there were more women like this one.

    11 replies to "Brigitte Gabriel’s Latest Speech in CO – Part 1"

    • Bill Warnell

      Saltcheese you're one heartbeat away from eternal damnation.

    • joko thole

      @saltcheese. I think you are not even taste the life under Islam domination. But I do…. Or could it be you are a moslem playing taqqiya …… a liar for the glory for your religion. Hmmmm……

    • joko thole

      She's Lebanese, she's Christian, she's pro Israel. That's true…. why? She has already face the truth in her early life as a girl. She tastes the bitter of real life with Islam……. First Jews, then Christian , latter other religion and atheis. For they are infidel .

    • vojkan milosevic

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    • Leo David

      How is it fraud when she tells the truth on islam>Oh we already knew her real name

    • sonofsurvivor

      You are really getting the true history of Islam right here. She's not the only Arab who has spoken about this. There are thousands but the vast majority are silent out of fear.

    • sonofsurvivor

      The left liberal progressives, Council of American Islamic Relations, and a whole lot of middle eastern leaders absolutely despise Ms Gabriel. If Romney gets elected he needs to get her into his administration along with that "Zudi" fellow that goes on Fox and have them be the "hunter/killers" of radical muslims and Muslim Brotherhood in the government, schools etc.

    • saltcheese

      i take it either you never got laid, or never heard of the legendary style of fornication called "doggystyle"
      moreover, i like dumb old brunettes with big titties! šŸ˜€

    • giddykiddy

      Did your owner run out of bones??

    • giddykiddy

      antisocial low life dead beat. shut your mouth and read a book

    • Putnis1

      I'm sure you'll get allah's full blessing when you meet allah in hell!

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