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    20 replies to "Companies are Losing Money by Enforcing Diversity"

    • Belinda Kaysac

      I HATE hate hate hate hate.. etc etc DIVERSITY!!!! And all it stands for… it's bullshit!!

    • Cord Delion

      Read any research into intercultural management an you'll see having different views represented and listened to makes companies more resilient, because it allows in new ways of looking at things. And also, of course, it makes life more interesting (unless you're afraid of a challenge, of course.)

    • GeneTheMachine

      If you want to see how enforcing diversity and SJW that destroys business, look no further than Marvel Comics.

    • Solaris

      I feel kind of lucky to see the end times coming in my lifetime

    • RJ Foster

      I am in need of prayers….. I’m currently working on a paper on diversity about white privilege, gender equality and things like feminism as if they’re important ? please pray I don’t lose too many brain cells because I have to write it as a lib and as if it’s true if I want an A….. God help me

    • aussiebear22

      Playing the SJW card is not a sustainable business model. Marvel Comics has learned this the hard way.

    • StephenNu9

      The loss has happened to Hollywood. One actor said that money has significantly gone down in the industry since the early 1990s. Guest appearance pay is 50% of what it used to be. The loss of viewership has been immense: shows considered successful by today's standards would have been taken off the air because of low ratings back then.

    • gurudeclan

      Meritocracy is fair. Social "justice" is unjust.

    • DeShawn Michaelson

      If diversity makes a company more profitable – they will embrace it our of their own profit motive.
      Therefore – achieving diversity by any coercive means will inherently make them less profitable.
      China has zero diversity movement – and they just dealt Disney a half billion dollar bloody nose.

    • rokmole

      Fuck society I'm moving to Alaska with a gun and whiskey

    • Simon Gilchrist

      I build decks and fences. Still a field where men can just be men without any silly shit from SJWs. What’s great is that is hard, dirty work, and requires actual skills and knowledge, so feminists and other SJWs don’t even apply to work for me. Tools? No. Skills? No. What do you know about decks and building them? Nothing. Why is your hair blue? Patriarchy. Ok, well I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

    • stcredzero

      Are there studies? Is there hard evidence for this?

    • Mr Wrong

      2060 is coming

    • philosophic Babylon

      a molecule of latent moisture above a single snowflake on the tip of a single iceburg amongst the continental ice pack…

    • JascDark

      Hell, just check Marvel and their comics sales after the SJWs took over……that maybe happening to the Video Game Industry in seeing how games with SJW cheesed storylines fall flat…while companies that don't SJW sales skyrocket. Even look at the performance of the latest Star Wars movie….compared to the rest…crashing and burning horribly in China…this is what SJWs and forced Diversity gets you. The only thing less successful than they are is Socialism…..

    • feastures

      Amazing colours man!

    • Jay West

      A lot of this shit is down to Obama. He made America predominately less white by flooding even conservative states with immigrants from third world shitholes, meaning Muslims etc. I've watched it happen to where I'm at in Alabama in the last decade. This place has completely changed demographically, and it makes me sad. The push for diversity is a result of liberals forcing the ethnic cleansing of white people from Western countries. If certain things hadn't happened politically in the last decade or so, we would be in a different place in America.

    • brucekentallen

      I own a couple of small companies in my country, one with my father, we sell and distribute mirror frames and some other bathroom equipments. I virtue signal'd the shit out of our marketing to cater to snowflakes, and it just doesn't work because those kids have no fucking money. Maybe if I lived in commiefornia or silicon valley…. But out here in the real world, catering to those faggots is a waste of energy and resources.

    • MAGA2017

      Well, I never ever used to make my purchasing choices based on politics… – until 2016. I now make damn sure that those I buy from, even something as cheap and inconsequential as a pack of chewing gum, have no history of S.J.W. or anti-conservative activities.

    • Robyn Locksley

      I take my money elsewhere if I even sense "diversity" upon entering the door.

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