Caolan Robertson joins MILO in studio to discuss the current state of the U.K.

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    26 replies to "Conservatives Live Under Constant Fear of Their Government in the U.K."

    • Melvin Tindal

      The UK courts are lefties controlled by the government but are even more rabid and insane.

    • destiny somerton

      Oh god I would love to see Milo and truadu have a conversation? hopefully then maybe he'd put Canada first

    • Yung Naps

      seriously why are all your videos only 2 minutes?? make longer videos

    • Dan Allnatt

      As a straight white British male, I find it ironic that someone like Milo is championing against the hatred we can get from the left, more than the conservatives I voted for. I live in Oxford, my family is conservative and Oxford is just a leftie cultural nirvana, than has been a living hell for so many thanks to the police fearing being labeled as racist.

    • Melvin Tindal

      We are centric, our Conservative party is leftist now, we have left the conservative political party as we do not want fascism. So the three main parties are:- labour Nazis, national social liberal fascists and con-chucks. We are centric Brexiteers, there are some conservatives who are centric, Mogg and lord Pearce who recognize the truth.

    • BHISAO

      Thank you Milo!!!..and Thank you Tommy!! guys are the greatest conservatives in the WORLD!!!

    • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

      WTF it is the Conservative government that is impacting upon our people now. As we know they have arrested Tommy on citing one law, then charged him on a different law. That is happening all over the UK and has been for decades.

    • Miss Lana

      Welp, he hasn't been taken away by muslims or isis, but by the corrupt government who serves them :/

    • Jarin Xeno

      “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

    • [WUT] Carlo

      Come to USA…?

      Great britan isn't too great anymore.

    • [WUT] Carlo

      Its funny how in tons of other comment sections. Brits glorify how wonderful their country is compared to america.

    • Dr Mahlek

      As a fellow Brit it’s clearly going south.

      If I was as fabulous as you Milo I’d be very vocal.

    • Gary wood

      London can now thank the Muslim mayor for now breaking the homicide rate in New York City for the first time in modern History . London shot past New York City for homicides .
      My City wadon in a rush to have it's first Black Police chief since the city was formed in 1837. Fort 3 decade we heard how the Black violence and gun deaths are becuase the youth see injustive and have no Role Model. So in 2015 the TPSB chose the high ranking Black Officer to be parachuted in to the Job of the Chief .
      In 2016 , the Homicide rate jumped to where it was up 100% by mid June and this was before the normal Spike each summer during July and August when schools are out .

      Yes folks….the gangs in Welfare Housing thought they now had a Brother as the Police Chief that go easy and stop arrested gang members . The vast majority of deaths by guns were to black and by blacks.

      The Race-Card doesn't work anymore because Obama pretty well invalidated the decades of the Mantra that the USA will be better and more Just once Blacks get in positions of power.

    • TheRadulianEmperor

      Cheers! Watch the video above to see an amazing intellectual's position on free speech. And yes he's left wing to say the least

    • Jack Craddy Sack

      Conservatives live in fear of their conservative government then don't vote for them retards

    • Kevin Kent

      What the absolute hell is wrong with Germany and the UK? What's really frightening is that these are the so-called conservative parties that are in power right now cracking down on speech. Just imagine how bad it will be when Labour and/or some German left party takes power. It's just a matter of time.

    • Nick Felstead

      scary stuff

    • Tuduk Coba

      Why did London go and elect a Muslim for major?? Now women and gay men basically are not safe living there with all of these single male Muslims roaming the streets! And this Muslim major won't even do anything to protect gay men from Muslims who are attacking them.

    • Graeme the Guiri Veïns Democràtics

      How can you have an alt-right anti-Semite like Caolan Robertson on playing the victim? Stop playing the homosexual.

    • Jett Hogan

      Milo needs to do a video on David Hogg

    • Ryan Daniel

      Caolan’s mouth is too pretty to be hidden behind that mic! ?

    • KnuteVonMemesburg

      At school, my friends and I got reported for bullying for saying “2 genders”

    • topa soka

      I 'm Muslim and i like your conservative ideas because Islam is a conservative religion
      but what I hate about you is 1- you are gay . 2- you say bad things about Islam
      the conservative people should be against gays and lesbians and feminists

    • Oliver Clegg

      This is pure paranoia. The Conservative party is in government in Britain, Britain is leaving the EU. Considering both of these things are true you are simply confused if you think you will be arrested for suggesting control of migration.

    • Rum Mug the Orc

      Trump is the one victory we conservatives have had in America, hopefully he will be the beginning of a long sustained victory of freedom and capitalism!!!!!

    • Tayler Clifton

      Milo can you do a piece on’s review of the video game farcry 5? It’s wonderful because the left hates it because it doesn’t make conservatives out to be the bad guy and in fact most of the protagonist’s allies are portrayed as very right wing and they’re throwing a fit because it’s not diverse enough for them and there’s not enough LGBT or black people in the game and they don’t like the main characters

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