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    8 replies to "Democrats Voting for Trump in Droves – Infowars"

    • Paul Bialozor

      Eric Cartman from South Park says it best "Oh your TEARS of UNFATHOMABLE SADNESS taste DELICIOUS…" Cry Progressive Liberals, cry your EYES out your TEARS of UNFATHOMABLE SADNESS just MAKE MY DAY….

    • Alvin 2016

      Hillary will win 100% Alex will cry 100% Alex is all talk 100% Hillary will shut Alex Jones down 100%

    • Sammy Youm

      I' m hearing about her stealing the elections… a couple of things going on here…the media is bias for hilary…

    • Sammy Youm

      Assange … he knows, i would listen to him. this guy on this knows too…

    • Darrin Rychlak

      A nice slice of unsupported conclusions, name calling and accusations of ignorance of people with whom this clown caller does not agree. And sure thing, Democrats are just hemorrhaging to the Trump camp. It is very easy to see paranoid authoritarians, armed with their google educations, blathering their deep seated political fantasies. I certainly do not hear educated critical adults. These are morons in action. Behold . . .

    • Curtis Shambaugh

      she will never be my president. I'm ashamed at the degree of ignorance in this country. I'm ashamed of this country.

    • Curtis Shambaugh

      I'm ready. I'm a patriot. I'm ready .

    • Carly Robinson

      They are not teaching these kids anything about this anymore.

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