An archetypal analysis of Donald Trump’s natal chart, transits for the election, the August 21st 2017 eclipse and the connection to the Charlottesville protests, the Helsinki meeting and July 13th, 2018 eclipse, and to the forthcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposite Trump’s natal Saturn.

Filmed at the PCC/ESR Retreat at Bishop’s Ranch, Healdsburg, CA. September, 24th, 2018.

    16 replies to "Donald Trump’s Astrological Future – Chad Harris, Sept. 24th, 2018"

    • Vyviane

      The most boring speaker of the universe! Pity!

    • Nique Starpg

      Great job! Very informative.

    • Milou H. Polycarpe - Psychic, Medium

      You did an amazing job explaining this chart, I feel you are right on.

    • Geoffrey Hillend

      Your psychological astrological interpretation of president Donald Trump's natal chart is professional. I don't think your prediction of president Trump getting into some kind of trouble will come true since the logic is flawed. Since the electoral college vote and NOT the individual's vote is what decides an election. Consequently, the Russian's could not have inferred with that. I would be nice if it did then Hillary Clinton would have won. Also she did not do anything wrong so there was no damming evidence. It's all just opinion and mud slinging. If the russian's did any tampering it did not have any outcome on President Trumps election He won fare and square

    • Bryan Stuppy

      Great eval Chad!—-In my view, if humans are going to use astrology as a tool to help shape future cultural evolution "prediction" must be part of it. Example is your description of the current approaching Saturn conjuction of Pluto. Pressure is building with the approach of this transit. History demonstrates volatile events associated with quadrature alignments of these two planets. We can expect similar manifestions surfacing during the next year as Saturn moves closer to Pluto and their ultimate conjunction on Jaunuary 10 2020. Specific predictions are another story. (Although Robert Zoller did predict 9/11 more than a year before the event.) It continues to be my hope that we can help shape the future if we can use the upcoming Uranus Pluto Full Moon opposition in 2046 to bring to bloom the beautiful dreams that were seeded at the Uranus Pluto conjunction in 1965. Trump and the shadow erupting now, at the culmination of the Uranus Pluto square is, hopefully, just another cyclical dying gasp of patriarchy that will succumb to the diversity we will hopefully experience with the continuing ongoing teleological evolution of human culture. I think it is important to remember that the Uranus Pluto square continues to play out for another couple of years. Great work!

    • Ann Seymour

      Dragons temple…please find life elsewhere

    • FLYNN

      I strongly suggest you block and delete this troll's comments – user name: Dragon's Temple – they are annoying everyone making comments here.

    • Stacy Smith

      Wow, I’ve just stumbled upon your channel by searching specifically for “Donald Trump October 2018 astrology”. But looking through your content, your topics are really interesting and well curated. I’m definitely subscribed..Thank you!

    • Stacy Smith

      Great analysis! Thanks for posting.

    • Alexxa A

      Nice try at weaponizing astrology. Just cut your own deceitful "killing him with your pseudo-kindness" crap bunhead. Cannot respect your cowardice. BE strong or go home. Criticism is easy since no one is perfect, especially the vampires trying to "draw blood" from this empty "Mc"Chart Reading.!" Hilarious!

    • Jefferson Power

      Thanks again Chad, Ive been folowing these presentations and always fascinating, insightful and inspiring. So beautiful to hear your compassion emerging and balancing what to many of us looks incredibly ugly…and yes that ugliness exists in all of us and what a gift to have it so completly lived out and lets hope face justice. We in Australia have a sad habit of following American culture and hope you will eventually lead us toward the greatness that still exists in your cultural soul.

    • Happy TX

      Excellent presentation. I enjoy it tremendously. Thanks

    • Jason Doss

      This is so good, I'm going to listen to this again. I'm fully with you… intuitively, I do believe djt has done some kind of an accidental teaching mission, I also agree with your attitude turning from contempt to pity.

    • Dragon's Temple

      This even goes as far as to include "My wise child said this to me." Why do so many of you overly liberal people stick with the same exact playbook every time? It's legitimately starting to get boring.

    • vera747

      AGREED, great job/ Neptune deluded the outcome of the elections; THEY BOTH WON. Popular verses electoral. I would recommend your addition of Algol conj mc/sun/ur….. a “Fall from grace” is imminent.

    • Dragon's Temple

      This is unacceptably bad. At the very least you can be honest with yourself, "No chart is good or bad, but I'm going to go ahead and talk in the most negative light I can about him, unquestionably eating up every piece of propaganda I can."

      Nonsensical bastardization of spirituality for unquestioning witch hunts. History certainly repeats itself, doesn't it?

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