Doron Almog has a storied place in Israeli military history. Doron was the first para-reconnaissance commander to land on the runway in Entebbe, the famed rescue operation of mythical proportions. Almog would rise through the ranks to become a Major General and head of the Southern Command in the Israel Defense Forces.
Doron Almog is a man who has excelled in his military career, but it was in his personal life that he would find his greatest challenge yet. Retired Major General Almog sits down with Leadel to tell us the heartwarming story of his late son Eran, who at an early age was diagnosed with severe autism and mental retardation.
A Production of and ; The European Jewish Congress and its President Moshe Kantor.

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    • ZM A

      Laughing my ass off. His whole family were blown to pieces, crying like bitches. Haha

    • Adam Segal

      What an amazing human being!

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