Muslim Invasion of Europe, Islamic Persecution of Christians, Bible Prophecy Significance

We believe that the only way to come to a reasonable conclusion regarding the validity of the Bible is for people to read it for themselves.To that end we seek to encourage and assist people to study the Bible.

    9 replies to "End Time Bible Prophecy Muslim Invasion of Europe, Islamic Persecution of Christians,"

    • Jared Gardner

      Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the Lord. Jesus is the Son of God. My spirit confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. The King James Version bible is scripture in English.

      Does your spirit confess that Jesus Christ IS come (just now present) in the flesh (of those of the spirit of God)? If so please give me your spirits confession. If your spirit doesn't confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh give me no reply. 1 John 4:1-3 KJV.

    • Sean Weatherall

      You're a wonderful man. God bless you.

    • floare farcas-petrescu

      Thanks so much for the video. Shared it on facebook to brink more awareness. Thanks

    • Stak Xar

      Bible was written by Shakespear and his drunk buddies for a fee, 350 years after Jesus

    • Stak Xar

      All your baptizing zeal only means one thing: you have a fancy for little boys LOL

    • Stak Xar

      It's so hypocritical when Christians claim Muslims are dangerous when Christians (the Catholic Church) murdered 6 million Jews 70 years ago. Muslims and Christians co-wrote the book on murder.

    • Stak Xar

      So small minded. Why not accept that anyone born is auto-baptized into the human race? And teach them to be good people free of religious ideology, all of it posionous?

    • Elaine Evans

      well the Muslims tried before but they failed and will fail again!

    • aFreeman0409

      Oh, you are back online.
      Warn the world of WW3.
      It will be upon all of us before this year passes.

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