I tried to think of something to say. But this guy nutted it. Let me know what you think.
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    27 replies to "Ex US Marine Speaks the Truth about Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq ( Powerful MUST SEE! )"

    • Rawalpindi Boys

      Very well said marine soldier.Finally a person who speaks the truth. Respect from Pakistan

    • Afrik Bolay

      I wish we had more true speaker like him

    • MrStickyfingersca

      Get this man a tv show

    • no spying undercover

      love 2 get on the piss with this legend.

    • Superficial

      finally, someone speaks the truth…wake up America, Zionist will slaughter u sons and daughters like pig after this.

    • Isi Ibelieveinmiracles

      damn I applaud this man! did he wrote a book? I wish more ppl would open their eyes!!.

    • muzghan safdari

      wahid khan .date January. 5 .2017 . alqiada is really responsible for the attack 911 and nobody else and but stop given bad story about America and don't send with wrong messages and alqiada is really responsible for this crime and this terrible thing happened and this is true story about America and u.s government is very honest government . thank you.

    • muzghan safdari

      wahid khan. to mr. ex u.s marine . taliban alqiada is really responsible for the attack of new York and Washington and they kill more than 3000 innocent people for no reason and u.s government has proof of those 19 terrist did that for this crime and nobody else and but u.s government indicated the photos of 19 terrist was the evidence but stop given bad story about America and don't send with wrong messages and alqiada is really responsible for the attack of 911 and this is terrible crime and nobody else and but u.s government is very honest government and alqiada is really responsible and this is true story about America . thank you. date . January . 5 .2017

    • Javad Zaher

      Damn i love how this guy got the balls

    • Guttormur Thorfinnsson

      this maryn runs to the gun fight,. 4 x 105

    • Christopher Klymson

      Admittedly these are the traders, as you put that lable. They are also sickafants, which "when found out", fear and are pregesigned to take death to its most expensive cost of all! all! of our very own lives.
      They r*p*d my family in public and now after we! " yes! you and I", frighten them, their exposure will use the nukes!!!
      Get this strieght! ! ! this may be the last opperatunety to honuor all who have died in all the sensles wars to gain our freedoms…
      Now or nothing.

    • OBrian Ramgeet

      he is right about all of it .. 99% of people

    • M Marquez

      Whoooooo~!~! This guy has some frickin' BALLS! I pray for his safety.

    • Rafael Camilo

      Keefe is right. I support him 100%. Zionist are bringing misery to the world. And bringing down the USA.

    • ConvairDart106

      The military is our second biggest welfare drain. Where else can you serve twenty years and retire at 38 with full bennies forever? I know a vet, who has had 4 wives. Only one endured the military moves and life. He just buried the third after a very expensive triple bypass and other ailments from a sedentary lifestyle. He re-married a month later, as he explained it because, she has dire medical emergencies and a rapid wedding was the best way to care for her! Take this retiree, who NEVER got shot at, and compare him to a man I know, drafted,Ā who stepped on a landmine in Vietnam. $600 per month Social Security, although there is a base hospital only 13 miles away, he has to go to a VA hospital 3 hours away to deal with his missing leg and hand. His love life was forever ruined as well as being disfigured. His physical therapy involves working out in the pool alone. When the "Patriots" are waving their flags at traffic, he stands alone on the opposite corner, on his crutches, holding a sign saying, "Bring the boys and the toys home now!" Our homeless include thousands of war vets who thought they were being "Patriots" too……

    • Kaydn Burns

      Hes was right all the way until the 9/11 thing lmfao. Hes right it was planned, however, there was no thermite used XD They buildings collapsed due to intense heat and damage. They knew where to hit the buildings to make them come down, building 7 wasnt supposed to collapse, they had no reason to collapse it, there was no one inside and all the files that would have been needed to be removed they could have removed happily during the clean up

    • Salena Yasmin

      You are right i totally agree

    • Case Dismissed Guaranteed

      If you join our evil killitary you deserve whatever you get and more . I cannot believe parents will allow their children to go fight wars for Zionists ! Why lose your soul for advancement and college money ?! It's sad that Priests and Ministers allow members of their flocks to be involved in the Moussad evil .! As leaders, you would think they would know better ………………Will God forgive them ?

    • GuyFawkes73

      We need 300 million Ken OKeefe's, and this NWO is dead……..

    • jay miller

      Why didn't he mention Israel

    • KOS Listed

      Said it better than I ever could but, as long as you graduate boot camp there is no such thing as an Ex Marine.

    • Bob Hibbert

      not sure what kind of a "nut"..he is?

    • Cyntia

      I feel like we can argue about this topic for hours and hours and never come to an agreementĀ  because everyone has different perspectives about whats going on in the world. All we can do is change ourselves, be the change you want to see in the world, be thoughtful with where you spend your money, show people by example, speak your truths, love everything and live your life to the fullest.

    • ouYhthiW nekcuFtsuJ

      YOU ARE THE MEN NOT LEFT NOT RIGHT NOT A POPPET. how many more Americans like this good man does the country needs to step up and show that we want a change.

    • Ace Haque

      What is the name of this brave outspoken man? we need more real men like him.

    • chestnutsev7

      The powers he speaks of want a global depopulation of 90% .They are bringing the world to its knees for their NEW WORLD ORDER .

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